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‘There’s So Much Love In that Bun’: Fans React to Tia Mowry’s Dazzling New ‘Do

Tia Mowry is dropping gems in her Instagram captions while rocking gems in her hair in a recent Instagram post that stopped fans mid-scroll.

The “Family Reunion” actress beamed in a selfie posted on Jan. 9, clearly feeling her look as she smiled in a gray-and-white printed sweater, large gold hoops, naturally beat face, and bejeweled topknot bun, complete with laid baby hair. In her caption, she quoted former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt to add a little extra motivation for her followers.

Tia Mowry is a ray of sunshine. Photo: @tiamowry/Instagram

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Remember that!” she reminded her fans in her post. “Love y’all! #topknot Eleanor Roosevelt.”

The “Whole New You” cookbook author and vitamin brand Anser co-founder has been praised for her thoughtful lifestyle, which centers on family, wellness, and self-love. Having made the successful transition from child star to adult actress and businesswoman hasn’t been an easy one, however, with Mowry admitting that she’s had to work to avoid being “pigeonholed.”

“The hardest thing for me as a child actor and growing as a woman is getting people to see you as an adult and seeing you as a woman,” she explained. Sometimes what happens is that you’re portrayed as this actor and you’re on this television show, people pigeonhole you and put you in this box. They don’t think you can play or portray a character that’s an adult. Navigating through those waters was challenging.”

Tia’s inner and outer beauty lit up fans’ screens, and the image received over 127,000 likes.

“So so so gorgeous! 😍”

“Can we agree that there’s so much love in that bun😍”

“Oh how you are wearing such peace & beauty👑😍”

“❤️ Yes babygirl 💯 let em know”

“You are stunning!! 😍”

Tia Mowry shares a message and new look with fans. @tiamowry/Instagram

Mowry had resumed filming “Family Reunion” in late 2020, but production was recently halted due to surging COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles.

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