‘Did She Bring a Mirror to the Gas Station?’: Saweetie Leaves Her Fans Confused After Uploading a Gas Station Photo

Raptress Saweetie has posted another photo to Instagram looking gorgeous as usual. But this particular post left fans scratching their heads and asking questions.

On Wednesday, Dec. 30, she uploaded eight photos and a video of herself eating a chocolate bar while posted outside of a Shell gas station. Rocking a gold velvet sweatsuit and a high side ponytail, the “Icy Girl” held a squatted pose for every picture.

Saweetie. (Photo:@saweetie/Instagram)

“The prettiest 🙃,” she captioned the post.

What threw people off about the photo is the full body mirror that Saweetie appears to be snapping her photos in front of.

One fan wanted to know, “How you bust out with a CHOCOLATE AND MIRROR AT THE GAS STATION and look this gooooood😩😩😩😩” and another asked, “did she bring a mirror to the gas station , yes & wha about it 😍?????”

Through the many comments from fans asking her where she got the mirror from, several people complimented the “My Type” rapper on her beauty, and some even embraced her “extra” personality.

Someone else added that she resembled Lauren London’s character from the movie “ATL,” claiming that she was “giving very much New New 😍.”

Saweetie never confirmed whether she brought the mirror to the gas station or if it was already there, so, unfortunately, that’s a mystery that may never get solved.

Besides shocking fans with a few mirror pics at a gas station, the 27-year-old was also busy performing on New Year’s Eve. Apparently, she had her schedule booked back to back with two performances to help bring in the holiday.

On Instagram, she announced that she would be performing “Back To The Streets” and “Tap In” at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on ABC. She also performed during Bud Light Seltzer Sessions.

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