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‘Legendary’: Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan Spotted Together In Matching ‘Fits Amid Dating Rumors

If Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan are not dating, they sure are doing a poor job at proving their fans otherwise.

The model and “Black Panther” star were recently spotted exiting a plane together in Utah ahead of the New Year’s Eve holiday. In a series of photos captured by blog site The Shaderoom, the two were seen seemingly at an airport, both sporting matching sweatsuits. Lori wore a black two sweatsuit with a long tan coat, while Michael sported a taupe sweatsuit and a black bomber jacket.

(L-R): Lori Harvey, Michael B. Jordan. Photo: @loriharvery/Instagram @michaelbjordan/Instagram

Before that, the pair was spotted traveling together just days before Thanksgiving. As neither party has ever been the type to divulge about their personal lives, it’s quite unlikely that they’ll every confirm their relationship. However, it was made clear with photos and videos that Lori was heavily involved with rapper Future at one point in time. But the “Mask Off” rapper has seemingly moved on and has now been linked to rapper/model Dess Dior.

Earlier this week, a fan asked Lori to share a photo of her new rumored boo after she decided to take part in a new social media challenge called Post a Pic

Post a Pic is the latest Instagram challenge in which one follower asks the IG user to share a photo with a specific theme. The user must oblige by sharing a particular snapshot. The model was playing along just fine until that question popped up. Lori replied to the fan with a snap of herself rolling her eyes.

Still, fans continue to voice their opinions on Lori’s “savage-like” style of dating, including one Twitter user who wrote, “one thing about me, i’m not finna sit up and cry and fight about no dude. i’m on to the NEXT like Lori Harvey.”

Another user commented, “Just saw a post about Michael B Jordan & Lori Harvey.. all I ever feel is PAIN when I hear that woman’s name.”

“Lori Harvey dated Trey Songz, Diddy, Future and now Michael B. Jordan. She’s unlocking achievements like it’s that game ya Call of Duty. Vufeve byi all over,” a third expressed. 

A fourth wrote, “Lori Harvey having a 90’s Bulls typa run, aint she? lol Diddy, Future, Michael B? she legendary for this.”

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