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‘Don’t Respond to These Rats U Look Fab’: Tommie Lee Claps Back at Troll Who Shaded Her Shoes As Being Too Small, and Fans Defend Her

Tommie Lee‘s latest upload on Dec. 27 went amiss after fans zeroed in on the model’s toes and noticed her Bottega heels were a size too small.

Lee, who tried to promote her Fashion Nova attire, captioned the snapshot “I done hit the ground Ah couple times it ain’t leave A scratch!💪🏾.” One follower bypassed the quote and asked the star if the designer shoe worth $1270 had Lee’s size. “They didn’t have any in your size sis??”

The reality star quickly clapped back and said, “B—-h pls like I would dare get a shoe too small they got everything in your size but I see you ain’t cop nun yet.” Many took Lee’s defense and expressed she should’ve ignored the troll.

Tommie Lee clapped back at troll who questioned her shoe size. @tommie_/Instagram

“Y’all some haters for real! Feet do slide in heels and you can tell cuz her heel ain’t all the way to the back. Just like the picture and keep wishing her lifestyle was yours smh.”

“It’s obviously because she’s sitting and her feet are moving forward. Tf. What you wear crocs?”

“Haters always find some negative to say.”

“Don’t respond to these rats u look fab @tommiee👌”

Tommie Lee. (Photo: @tommie_/Instagram)

Hours before the 36-year-old had shared a post as she went to a Miami zoo with her daughter. She captioned the upload “This girl had me getting attacked by monkeys today #thecoolmom😫🤟🏼.” Many fans commented on the reality star’s noticeably slimmer physique.

One mentioned how thin Lee has gotten. “You got skinner and prettier queen 😍.”

Another told the “Love & Hip Hop” star that she had lost some weight. “😍😍 You slimming on down.”

Over the summer Lee showed her followers how she kept her unwanted weight off while maintaining her curves. The fitness routine consisted of leg lifts with a resistance band, lifting weights, and sled pushes. 

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