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‘A Little Less of Her Alllllll In the Comments Is Awesome!!!’: Masika Kalysha Is Engaged, and Fans Throw a Little Fun Shade with Congratulations

Masika Kalysha‘s fans congratulated the rapper on Dec. 27 after announcing her engagement on social media to Jamar Champ. Kalysha’s fiancé’s identity also became public the same day.

The model shared the news on Twitter by captioning the post with an emoji ring and the message “God is so good.” Her fiancé uploaded a video on his Instagram Story of the couple celebrating while Kalysha opens a champagne bottle. He captioned the recording “Congratulations, Really.” The couple made their initial appearance on social media months ago after they were caught on a baecation. Droves of fans expressed their joy for what they deemed is Kalysha’s well-deserved engagement.

Masika Kalysha Screenshot. Photo:@masikakalysha/Twitter

“U can tell she happy cause sis been minding her business lately. Congratulations 😍😍😍😍.”

“I love that she kept the relationship on the low. Congrats to her.”

“Fetty somewhere HAPPY asf screaming YEAHHHH BABY”

“Everybody deserve love. Congrats.”

“Thank God! A little less of her alllllll in the comments is awesome!!!”

Masika Kalysha, Jamar Champ. (Photos: @masikakalysha/Instagram, @1of1champ/Instagram)

While many congratulated the 35-year-old on her recent engagement, others suggested that the reality star stop bashing Fetty Wap, the father of 4-year-old daughter Khari Barbie Maxwell

One wrote now that Kalysha is off the market, she could shift her attention to her new life. “Good, now stop talking about ur deadbeat baby daddy.”

Another wondered why “Love & Hip Hop” star was worried about her ex if she had someone who willingly wanted to care for her daughter. “So why she be crying about Fetty every other week? She gotta Man that will accept her and her daughter.” 

An Instagram user said they didn’t know the mother of one was in a relationship given the many times she shaded Fetty. “Wait, she been in a relationship this whole time but stayed worried about Fetty?!?!”

Three days ago, Kalysha and Lezhae Zeona, the mother of some of Fetty’s other children, uploaded a photo on their Instagram story about how their kids didn’t need the “679” rapper’s help to enjoy the holidays. The post said, “IDK who’s ‘Baby Daddy’ needs to hear this, but your kids straight for the holidays… Their mother did it without you.” 

Kalysha reposted the image an hour after the initial post and paid tribute to mothers who do the best to provide “on and off the holidays.” “Shoutout to all the mommies, who make it happen on and off the holidays with or without the ‘father.’”

She added, “You are appreciated.”

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