‘Delete It and Start Over’: Fans Clown Masika Kalysha’s Dance Moves During the ‘Corvette Challenge’

Masika Kalyasha has beauty ad style, but no dance coordination, according to her Instagram followers. 

On Tuesday, Dec. 22, the “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” alum shared a clip with her 2.4 million Instagram followers of herself and rapper Dominic Lee doing the “Corvette Challenge.” The dance trend has become widely popular on the social media platform TikTok, but the reality star appeared to be struggling to keep up with the various dance movements while being a good sport nonetheless.

Dominic Lee, Masika Kalyasha. @masikakalyasha/Instagram

Aware that the challenge wasn’t performed well, Masika captioned the post, “When you @tiktok illiterate but the young kings teach u the dances @dommd4l 😂 .” She added, “follow me on tik tok @KingMasikaKalysha @popphunna I’m sorry @dommd4l for hittin u in the face at the end 😂 #corvette #corvettecorvettec #corvettesofinstagram #corvettechallenge #corvettecorvettechallenge.”

The clip was viewed over 380,200 times, but as usual, at least on social media, online users roasted the reality star on her dance struggles8i and accused her of dancing offbeat and being clumsy. One person wrote, “She must be dancing to a remix 😩🤣 soo offf but cute lmao.” Another user commented, “Delete it & start over.”

“Lmao im hella high right now and i didn’t know if i was tripping or if was really way off 🤣🤣,” another said.

“My poor baby sika did not do this well but hell we can’t be perfect all the time!! Definitely cute to watch 😩,” one sympathetic observer said. 

Masika’s fans haven’t been so easy on her when it comes to trying new things. In November, the Instagram model shared a video snippet for her latest single, “Masether,” and fans were not pleased with what they heard. 

Using Nas’ classic “Ether” beat, paired with imagery of dogs baring teeth, the television star rapped, “Say my name, Say my name/You’s a b**h, you’s a lame/ They do anything for clout, You use my name for fame.”

Folks in the comment section suggested that the television star try a different hobby, including one who wrote, “Wow masika stay away from music! Stay FAR FAR AWAY!” Another person wrote, “omg NO it sounds horrible..im not trying to be mean…just being honest..listen to you fans 😊 its a NO.”

Masika Kalyasha. @masikakalyasha/ Instagram
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