‘Copy and Paste’: Fans Agree That Tammy Rivera’s Daughter Charlie Is Her ‘Mini-Me’

Tammy Rivera‘s “twin” 15-year-old daughter Charlie is looking more like her mother every day, so much so that fans claimed they had a hard time telling the two apart in a recent video.

The 34-year-old “Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka?” star and her “mini-me” were cute and casual in the video Tammy shared on her Instagram page. Tammy rocked a denim Gucci baseball cap and a brown sweatshirt, and Charlie opted for a bucket hat with bright red hair and sharp cat-eye makeup.

Charlie Rivera and Tammy Rivera. (Photo: @charliesangelll/Instagram)

The singer and her teen daughter share their tight mother-daughter bond with fans on their social media pages and reality show, but, like in most relationships, that doesn’t mean they agree on everything all the time. During a March interview with Flaunt, the “All These Kisses” singer admitted that her ideal way to spend quality time together isn’t shared by Charlie. “Watching movies on Netflix. [laughs] She hates that, or sit and watch Lifetime all day,” she said. “She says all movies on Lifetime are predictable to her, but I love it. I sit there and watch it all night.”

Rivera also paid tribute to the love she has for her daughter by naming her upcoming album “Charlie” and the title track for her baby girl.

Fans did a double take after seeing the mother-daughter duo twinning while serving “You can’t sit with us” energy in their Boomerang.

“You literally said copy and paste 😍,” gushed a follower.

“Definitely your twin 😍,” someone agreed.

“Omg y’all really twins!” exclaimed an excited fan. “Charlie look more like you the older she gets!😻.”

More comments were in the same vein.

“Stole your whole face!😍”

“Baddie & baby baddie 😍🙌🏾”

Tammy and Charlie serving looks. Photo: @charliesangelll/Instagram

Charlie is Tammy’s only child. Her biological father Brian Williams is Tammy’s ex-husband, however, Rivera’s husband, rapper Waka Flocka, has been an active father figure in Charlie’s life since she was 4.

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