‘I Already Did the Binder, Get Your Own Thing’: Monique Samuels Claps Back at Jamal Bryant’s Recent Live Session

Monique Samuels and her “binder of receipts” will live on in Housewives history following the premiere of part 1 of the season 5 reunion of “The Real Housewives of Potomac.”

After accusing her cast mate Gizelle Bryant of faking her relationship with her boyfriend, Jamal H. Bryant, complete with text messages from the alleged mistress, Samuels saw Jamal respond with a 22-minute social media live session. 

The megachurch pastor appeared online with his own binder. He denied Monique’s claims and accused her husband, former NFL offensive tackle, Chris Samuels, of having anger issues and CTE — a progressive and fatal brain disease associated with repeated blows to the head. 

(From left) Jamal Bryant, Chris Samuels and Monique Samuels. (Photos: @mrsmoniquesamuels/Instagram, @jamalhbryant/Instagram)

Recently, during an interview with Shadow and Act, Monique addressed Bryant’s comments, stating that “his whole response just proves that there are demons in the church and in the pulpit, because what pastor goes on a live and does that?”

She continued, “He wasn’t even original. Dude, I already did the binder, get your own thing. It was just hilarious to me. He needs to do better with his actions, and doing that live is the exact opposite of what a well-grounded pastor would have done. So it’s just that the comedy writes itself at this point. He needs to go back to prayer and ask God to help clean some of that flesh he has, because it is quite dirty.”

When questioned about the allegations Jamal made against Chris, claiming that her husband verbally attacked Gizelle and Robyn Dixon, Monique said viewers would know the truth during parts 2 and 3 of the reunion. “My husband is not a person who will argue with women. That’s not his job, that’s my job,” the reality star explained. 

“And no woman is going to argue with my husband because that’s my job. So whatever Jamal alluded to is not true. He wasn’t there. Maybe he should have been there, and then he could have made all of the points that he wanted to make, and he could have witnessed firsthand what would actually happen. It’s going to be very eye-opening when people see all that goes down.”

Fans are seemingly eager to see how the remainder of the reunion plays out, as it’s been reported to get even more hectic than in part 1. As one Twitter user put it, “It’s been nearly a week since we watched Monique Samuels murder Gizelle Bryant on national television and I still think about it everyday.”

Part 2of the season 5 reunion of the “Real Housewives of Potomac” airs this Sunday, Dec. 20, at 9:15 pm. ET on Bravo. 

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