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‘You Wanted to Redirect’: Pastor Jamal Bryant Breaks Out His Own Binder, Comes for Monique and Husband Chris Samuels Following Epic ‘RHOP’ Reunion Showdown

During part one of the season-five reunion of the “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” Gizelle Bryant remained quiet as a church mouse. Simultaneously, her castmate Monique Samuels shattered the validity of her relationship with her boyfriend and former ex-husband, Pastor Jamal H. Bryant.

The EveryHue Beauty founder was left speechless as Monique sifted through her binder of “receipts,” making allegations that Pastor Jamal had been with other women while supposedly dating Gizelle.  

(L-R) Jamal Bryant, Chris Samuels and Monique Samuels. Photo: @mrsmoniquesamuels/Instagram @jamalhbryant/Instagram

As a result of Monique’s actions, Pastor Jamal brought out his own binder and revealed that he would never appear on the reality show ever again. On Instagram Live, Jamal claimed that the show “has a been a gross misrepresentation of my character, my ministry and my humanhood.” 

However, the most scandalous part about Jamal’s admission was when he revealed that Monique made a grave mistake in verbally attacking Gizelle. 

He said Monique “generated a story because you wanted to redirect. You thought a story was getting ready to break that your baby is from your trainer. He [Chris] got upset because he thought Gizelle’s leaked it. I wanna tell you something, Monique and Chris. It is not Gizelle who leak that. Monique, it was your best friend, Gigi. We had nothing to do with it.” 

Jamal claimed Monique has misdirected rage because she lives in a house with a man who has anger management issues and “doesn’t mind expressing volatile behavior.” He also noted that his comments were made in self-defense. He also invited his audience to watch part two of the reunion, which is slated to air on Sunday, Dec. 20, “Where you will see Monique’s husband try to attack my wife, my ex-wife and Robin and security had to be called, and he had to be subdued. I am very concerned.”

Speaking directly to Monique, Jamal said, “You all have my phone number as you expressed on the show. But I had y’all address, but because of grace, I didn’t respond to that. He then went on to attack Chris some more and his mental health after playing in the NFL. He added, “You got to take care of CTE.”

Jamal’s Instagram Live rant didn’t appear to do him any justice, including one Twitter user who wrote, “So let me get this straight Pastor Jamal Bryant is now spreading rumors and lies about Chris Samuels health. Since you want to copy Monique’s epic binder move, where are the receipts? Do you have is medical records in that binder sir? #Rhop.”

Another person commented, “Jamal Bryant was lying his a– off and also never addressed his relationship (or lack thereof) with Gizelle head on. TYPICAL PASTOR VIBES.”

#jamalbryant was tryna serve some reads in his reply video…but none of them really landed,” a third expressed. 

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