‘Ain’t No F–ing Way’: A Screenshot of K. Michelle’s Instagram Live Derails When People Don’t Recognize Her

K. Michelle fans are baffled after hopping on her Instagram Live and seeing an unrecognizable, makeup-less Michelle earlier this week. One fan was so shocked that she took a screenshot of Michelle on the Live and posted it to Twitter on Wednesday, Dec. 16.

“All jokes aside. Who tf is this,” she asked.

K. Michelle on Instagram Live (Photo: @kmichellemusic/Instagram)

The photo received a lot of attention, and many fans agreed that the person in the photo did not look like the “Can’t Raise A Man” singer.

One person said, “This can’t be K. Michelle like ain’t no f-cking way??? This is a whole different person.”

“I literally didn’t know who this was. I honestly clicked off and thought “why is this tweet viral.” It wasn’t until a second look that I thought to review the name at the top of the screen. My jaw dropped. Yes, she’s pretty or whatever, just doesn’t look like her! Flushed face,” said another.

Another fan thought people were exaggerating and believed the picture did look like K. Michelle. They said, “Lmaoooo Why are y’all always so dramatic ??? She don’t even look that different I could tell it’s her….lips just huge fr.”

The screenshot caused so much confusion among fans that it landed her name in the 23rd spot for the most trending topic on Twitter. The 34-year-old has yet to respond to the uproar of the photo, and it’s probably because she has her attention on much bigger issues.

A few days ago, Michelle announced on Clubhouse that she would be suing her former friend and New York rapper Maino. She alleged that the 47-year-old abuses, titling the chat “Maino is from 63rd and He Beats Women.” Maino tried to get access into the chatroom, but K. Michelle told the other hosts not to let him in.

K. Michelle (Photo: @kmichellemusic/Instagram)

“The b—- can go suck a d— and get this lawsuit in January “Everything I been through, everything … I don’t want him nowhere around me. I want the courts to handle him in January,” she said.

She added, “What right do you have to consistently get on all of your platforms and try to down somebody who tried to have your back. Who was your friend? Just so you can get off on a mix — not even an album, a mixtape. I am taking you to court for defamation because you do not know me like that. You know you did not sleep with me.”

What might have caused the R&B singer to take legal action is an episode Maino did two months ago on his podcast called “Kitchen Talk.” At the 9:07 mark, he tells a story about linking up with a “popular” R&B woman at his hotel room.

Although the “Hi Hater” rapper never named the woman he was speaking of, his co-host Ricky Rich gave a clue when he sang “we gon’ light some candles tonight, very special,” which is a lyric in Michelle’s 2013 song “V. S. O. P.”

Maino has yet to respond to K. Michelle’s remarks about the lawsuit.

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