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‘The Real Stallion’: Nene Leakes Shows Rearview Video of Her Strut, Fans Come to Their Feet

NeNe Leakes called herself a “stallion” in a new video she shared on her Instagram Story on Thursday, Dec. 10.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star had herself filmed from behind as she entered a building.

Nene Leakes
Nene Leakes poses in low-cut top. (Photo: @neneleakes/Instagram)

Leakes, 52, wore a shimmering pink outfit that hugged her figure and nude Christian Louboutin pumps that elevated her 5-foot-10 frame by a few inches. 

“The REAL stallion,” she captioned the video.

“Carrying that wagon!” one fan remarked.

Another said, “Auntie Stallion, yassss.”

Leakes’ use of the term stallion, slang for a tall and thick woman, naturally had people comparing her to rapper Megan Thee Stallion, who is the same height as the “RHOA” star.

“What’s crazy, her and Meg actually favor each other,” one social media user said.

Another remarked, “They look so much alike tho! Lol”

In an interview with Rolling Stone in February, Meg Thee Stallion, 25, opened up about the time she was first referred to as a stallion.

“The first time I was ever called a Stallion, I was 15, and I was leaving a football game. This dude — he was way older — He was like, ‘Dang, lil’ mama! You’re a stallion,’ and I was like ‘UH-uh! Go to jail, I’m 15!’ I really started going off, ‘cause he scared me. So I had to go home and ask my uncle!” she revealed.

The Houston rapper continued, “Uncle, what is a stallion, and why that man call me that?’ He was like, ‘Oh, Megan, that means you’re tall and you’re fine.’”

“Oh yeah! I am that!” she recalled replying.

As far as Leakes’ body is concerned, the “Glee” alum is on a constant journey to self-acceptance.

In May, the former “RHOA” star shared a photo of herself in pajamas that were cleavage-baring. 

She then got candid about how initially she was so “hesitant” to post the photo she thought, “I looked thick to me and people be so Judgy.”

“Well i stepped on the scale this morning…..I’m officially thick!” Leakes continued. “Gone on and talk about me😭.

The former reality star added, “I’m working on a better me daily #mindsetofgreatness.”

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