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‘This Wasn’t About You’: LisaRaye McCoy Speech about Tisha Campbell’s Financial Struggles Flops When Followers Say LisaRaye Made it About Herself

Many followers overlooked Lisa Raye McCoys sympathetic message about Tisha Campbell‘s divorce revelations on Dec. 8 because they felt the 53-year-old’s deliverance was self-driven. Campbell recently claimed she left her marriage to actor Duane Martin with only $7 to her name.

During an episode of “Cocktails with Queens,” McCoy revealed she could relate to the “My Wife And Kids” actress because McCoy said she in the same situation when she divorced her husband, former premier of Turks and Caicos Michael Misick, in 2009.

She said on mark 4:48, “That’s the part to me that’s so unfortunate because I can identify with that part. I was like Tina Turner. I was like, ‘I just want to leave with my name.’” The co-host claimed that despite increasing her husband’s wealth with the joint businesses the former couple shared. She was willing to start over to keep her sanity. (Misick was indicted in 2014 on charges of bribery and corruption while in office — a time span that overlaps his marriage to McCoy — and has been standing trial in Turks and Caicos since December 2015 in a drawn-out case that has cost the island nation more than $100 million.)

The “Player’s Club” star later mentioned Campbell following her rant, saying it’s wrong the mother of two left her marriage with so little, given her 30-year acting career.

“So to me, it’s very clear that Tisha has had a huge career, and it’s very clear to me as well that she made her own money and the bulk of the money, which helped them as a family. So for her to walk away with $7, something was wrong, whether it was with the attorney, or that he was smarter or sharper or sneakier or conniving-er or — y’all get the point.”

McCoy commended the “Martin” star for her courage to “rise above it” and start again as a single mother to two boys without any assistance. Droves of followers took issue with the McCoy’s remarks, saying she made the narrative about herself.

Lisaraye McCoy gets real about her faults as she looks back on her failed marriage to Michael Misick. (Photo: @therealraye1/Instagram)

“She the type of person you telling her your problems and here she comes with her life stories🤨”

“She always make everything about her 🙄”

“Lisa blames Tisha’s ex-husband Duane, for her failed marriage so I knew she would make this about herself.”

“Mrs Oil 🙄🙄 insert herself in every damn sauce.”

“Ok Lisa Raye I love you but stop it! This wasn’t about you and if I recall your whole reality show was about fighting your ex for money during your divorce!”

Last week, Campbell shared during a sit-down interview with “Entertainment Tonight” that things became hard for her and her sons Xen Martin, 19, and Ezekiel Martin, 11, following her divorce in 2018. “Nothing. No one knows that but I had nothing. Nothing in the bank. Nothing. I had maybe $7 to my name and I was scared. It was like I was starting all over.”

During Campbell’s divorce proceedings, the actress claimed her ex-husband Martin was hiding money from her and accused him of a bankruptcy scam.

She revealed that she is in a much better place financially stemming from her extensive work schedule, including co-hosting “The Soul Train Awards” with Tichina Arnold and a new comedy show currently in the works. Campbell also credited her sons for helping her bounce back.

“The fact that I did raise children who didn’t care about the big mansion that I had or that we had to start over or any of it,” she said, tearing up again. “Starting over is not always the easiest thing, but it is the necessary thing. It’s beautiful devastation.”

McCoy’s recent comments were called out by an Instagram user because of her history with Campbell’s ex. In 2019, the model accused her “All of Us” co-star of conspiring to end her marriage to her then-husband Misick by introducing him to other women.

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