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‘A Classy Little Clap Back’: Tanya Sam Subtly Responds to Kenya Moore’s Comments on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ About Sam and Porsha Williams’ Friendship

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Tanya Sam took to Instagram on Dec. 6 to seemingly respond to the comments Kenya Moore made on “The Wendy Williams Show” regarding the current status of Tanya and Porsha Williams’ relationship following the stripper scandal. 

Tanya uploaded a couple of photos, including one of the pair smiling, as she praised Porsha for changing the world while promoting season 13 of “RHOA.”

Porsha Williams (left) and Tanya Sam (right). @itstanyasam/Instagram

She wrote, “EMPOWERED WOMEN⁣ EMPOWER WOMEN✊🏾💕 -@porsha4real
⁣Tune in tonight for an incredibly powerful #RHOA episode!! So proud of you, sister. Keep changing the world 🌎 ❤️.”

Porsha returned the love by liking the post and commenting, “Period Pooh❤️✊🏾.” Tanya’s followers applauded the star for overlooking the negative statements.

“Tanya clap back😂😂”

“My favorites!!! And I love the subtle shade 😉”

“So tasteful! ❤️ Good job at deflecting the negativity!”

“So glad you two squashed the rumors!! You two are my favorite ladies 💗💗💗💗”

Kenya Moore
Tanya Sam and Kenya Moore. (Photo: Bravo screen grab)

One user sent Tanya some support while also wishing she would come back to the franchise following her departure. “Yess! Tanya gave the girls a classy little clap back. I love your genuine friendship w/ Porsha. I hope you come back to the show.”

Kenya, who was promoting season 13 of “RHOA,” stopped by “The Wendy Williams Show” on Dec. 4 and discussed the aftermath of the “strippergate” scandal. Both Porsha and Tanya were accused of sleeping with a male stripper at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party. The women later dismissed the allegations.

The 49-year-old mentioned how Tanya seemed to have disappeared following the allegations. Kenya said on mark 7:27, “Well, we haven’t heard from Tanya since all this happened. We haven’t seen her film anything. She basically fled the country.” The mother of one also implied the scandal took a toll on Tanya and Porsha’s friendship, claiming the pair are no longer friends and stopped following each other on social media.

Fans immediately called out the former beauty queen after her remarks about her co-stars unfollowing each other on social media were proved to be false. One wrote to point out how the pair are still friends but aren’t following Kenya. “Porsha and Tanya still follower each other. But they not following Kenya,” the person said.

Another hinted that the friends still like each other’s posts, saying, “And when did they unfollow each other? They following each other right now and Porsha liking Tanya posts smh.”

An Instagram user stated that Tanya’s character doesn’t match Kenya’s description.
“Tanya still be commenting on Porsha stuff so this just seems like a reach 🙄 I don’t know these ppl but Tanya does NOT seem like the type to do no sh-t like that 🤷🏾‍♀️ I don’t believe it.”

Porsha has yet to respond directly to Kenya’s remarks aside from commenting on Tanya’s post.

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