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‘Who Broke Your Heart?’: Masika Kalysha Shares Cryptic Post, Leading Fans to Wonder What Happened

Masika Kalysha‘s fans were pondering what was wrong with the “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star after she shared a clip with a cryptic message on Dec. 6.

The reality star captioned the recording, “Same sh*t that broke my heart opened my eyes…” as she moves the camera from various angles while Summer Walker’s hit song “I’ll Kill You” featuring Jhene Aiko blared in the background. Although Kalysha was mum about the situation, droves of her followers related to her caption.

Masika Kalysha showing off her rainbow hair. (Photo: @masikakalysha/Instagram)

“So many facts in the caption 💋😍❤️.”


“It be like that sometimes.”

One user asked the model who was the culprit behind the pain. “Who broke your heart?”

Hours following the initial post, the 35-year-old further elaborated on Twitter on how she was feeling. She said by enigmatically throwing shots at someone, “Used to argue wit the ni**a every week to take out my trash now he the neighborhoods trash man.” The mother of one followed up that post by telling her fans how much she thinks people suck. “People fkn suck man. You could be the best human in the world, treat a ma fka like gold and that devil in them still gonna do u dirty and blame you for it,” Kalysha tweeted.

Even though people were unsure who the model was referring to, they offered her some words of encouragement. One wrote that the best one can do for an enemy is pray for them. “Gotta pray for them and give them alllllllll the way to God. We ain’t dragging dead weight into 2021,” a user responded.

Another mentioned this is the universe’s way of telling the star to distance herself from that particular person(s). “That’s a sign and that’s when u need to distance yourself away from them and trust me they gonna need u more than u need them,” they commented. A Twitter user told Kalysha to keep her head because better is on the way. “Never sweat bad entertainment the best is still yet to come sweetheart.”

No further details have been presented about whatever Kalysha’s mysterious situation is.

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