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‘We Don’t Give a D-mn About Yo Hair’: Megan Thee Stallion Flaunts Her Natural Tresses, But Fans Are More Focused on Her Twerking Skills

Megan Thee Stallion is leaving her fans mesmerized and stunned with her recent video on Instagram. In the Dec. 6 clip, Megan twerks for 41 seconds straight as she dramatically flips and twirls her hair.

In the caption, she highlights her straightened back-length hair, writing, “Let my real hair down now it’s MTS UNCUT 😛😂Song MOVIE from my album GOODNEWS.”

Megan Thee Stallion Photo: @theestallion/Instagram

It’s clear, based on the comments, that although the “Body” rapper was flaunting her tresses, most fans kept their eyes on her derriere.

One fan unapologetically wrote, “We don’t give a d-mn about yo hair. We can’t focus on both Megan.”

Former “Bad Girls Club” cast member Camilla Poindexter wrote, “I’m about to show my man this twerk that sh-t @nutty91 she moving that sh-t !!”

The 25 year old’s teaser was such a hit that it had several women jokingly questioning their sexuality in the comments.

One woman said, “Megan sis am I gay or not? This is exhausting,” while “The Morning Hustle Show” co-host Lore’l typed, “Great, now I’m gay.”

Some of the other commenters wanted a lesson from the “Savage” rapper in twerking.

“Teach meeeee😩 I think I’m the only woman on earth that can’t clap her asssssss,” said a fan.

A second person typed, “Teach me this bishhh.”

Through all the comments of people talking about Megan’s backside, there were a few that praised her for her real hair.

Kenya Moore of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” typed, “It’s the real hair for me. The lack of cellulite is impressive damn!”

Similar to Kenya, a fan commented on both Megan’s body and hair. They wrote, “Tht Booty & Hair Healthy.”

Hours after posting this video, Megan showed off her hair again, but this time in its naturally curly state. She let her fans know that she and her hairstylist will be working together to try to grow out her hair more.

She wrote in the caption, “Kellon and I are about to see how healthy and long we can get my hair 💪🏽 drop any of your favorite black owned hair care lines for natural hair 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾.”

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