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‘She Said What She Said’: Fans Slam Ray J’s Reply to Princess Love’s Post About Parenting

Princess Love and Ray J Norwood sparked talks of reconciliation last month after Princess shared a clip of the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” stars taking a stroll together after several accusations of infidelity, reports of splitting, and even divorce filings.

And while the couple may appear to be ready to move past the drama of their complicated marriage, Princess’ fans don’t seem to be too excited for the return of Ray J just yet. 

(L-R) Epik and Melody Love. @princesslove/Instagram

Recently, the mommy of two took to her Instagram with a photo of her children, 2-year-old Melody Love and 11-month-old Epik Ray Norwood. In the caption, the reality star reflected on her parenting journey, stating, “Being a parent is a full time job.. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” She added, “Raising them to be honest, respectable human beings.. I’ll do anything for these two except be unhappy. They’ll thank me later ❤️.”

While fans threw their support behind Princess in the comments section, her R&B singer husband also had something to say about what he’d do for his children.


“I’ll die for my kids- I’ll be unhappy for my kids to be happy – I’ll starve just so my kids can eat,” the “One Wish” singer replied. He added, “I’ll do anything for my kids. Period.” While his comment may have been sincere, garnering nearly 700 likes, not everyone was happy to see Ray J lurking in the comments section.

Fans slammed the 39-year-old, presumably because of his past relationship woes with his model wife. One woman gave Ray J a harsh scolding, declaring that there should be a sharp limit to a parent’s willingness to sacrifice for a child.

“@rayj your doing too much sir as much as i love my kids i will NOT be unhappy for them,” she said. “What would that be teaching them? When they become entitled i wonder how would you feel then.” The woman added, “@princesslove thanks for your honesty this is what most mothers need to hear we already sacrifice ALOT and the one thing we shouldn’t sacrifice is our happiness we deserve that just as our kids do. If we aren’t happy neither are they period… We as parents have to be good in order for our kids to be good.”

Another person commented, “@rayj that’s cuz you can also walk out the door and the mother has to stay and be UNHAPPY. Not happening bud. She said what she said 🗣.”

“@rayj how can you even make this statement when you can’t man up and do right by @princesslove she’s the mother of your kids and your wife,” a third wrote. “Whether you stay married to her or not you should have love and respect for her. She gave you two children that is way more valuable than your money and your brand. So every time you hurt @princesslove think about this… you are hurting your children as well.” 

Princess Love and Ray J have been married for four years. During that time, both parties have filed requests for a divorce.

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