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‘It Feels Crazy, Honestly’: Marsai Martin Officially Named Guinness World Record Holder for Youngest Executive Producer In Hollywood

Actress Marsai Martin, 16, is a trailblazer in her own right. The “Black-ish” star recently earned a Guinness World Record title as the youngest Hollywood executive producer to work on a major production, the organization’s official website reported. 

Martin won the title for her breakout film “Little.” Although the actress wasn’t presented with the award until now, the record acknowledged that she was 14 years and 241 days old when the film was released in April 2019. Along with producing, Martin starred in the lead role alongside actresses Regina Hall and Issa Rae. The film tells the story of a woman named Jordan, played by Hall, who turns into a 13-year-old girl, played by Martin, due to a curse. 

“It feels crazy, honestly. A world record? That’s insane,” Martin said in a video of her certificate presentation.

Marsai Martin Instagram @marsaimartin

“To be able to create a film, star in it, be with your favorite stars, and actually seeing that entire experience was so amazing,” Martin expressed upon receiving the distinction. She continued, “It was so fun and so exciting because I always want to create things that make me happy. It’s insane when it actually comes to fruition. I was very shocked for sure. For me, I could have never imagined being a part of something like this. I am so beyond grateful to be part of it.”

Martin reportedly pitched the idea for “Little” to a studio with scriptwriter Tracy Y. Oliver. At the time, Oliver sent a message about the pitch meeting on social media and said she was amazed by Martin’s confidence.

“True story,” she wrote. “I went in Universal to do a joint pitch with a then 11-year old @marsaimartin for this movie that she dreamt up. So young but so confident. Way more than me. Thank you for the honor of writing this movie. Proud of you, girl.”

Martin will be featured in the hardbound “Guinness World Records 2021” edition. The actress hopes to be an inspiration saying, “I hope that all the young Black girls out there really see how a change can really happen, just by being yourself, just by any imagination you have that can run wild. You only live once, so go for it.”

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