‘I Can See the Resemblance’: Malaysia Pargo Responds to Viral Photo Where Fans Say She Looked Like Jill Scott

Malaysia Pargo took to Instagram on Sunday to respond to the infamous photo where people confused the “Basketball Wives” star with legendary singer Jill Scott.

In the Nov. 29 caption, Pargo explained to millions of her followers that the women shared “good vibes” as a similarity. “@missjillscott + Me = Good Vibes💞.I can see the resemblance #Queens,” she wrote while tagging the neo-soul singer. Some fans applauded the reality star for her comments regarding the comparison, while others praised both women.


“🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥YALL BOTH SOME HEAT SIS!!!!! Middle finger to the haterssssss!!!!”

“Malaysia you are a true queen, everything you do is with grace and style.”

“Exactly!!! I said the same thing, hunn…… everybody was basically tryna bash Jill on another post, like she isn’t beautiful herself.”

“That’s an amazing compliment, cause @missjillscott is gorgeous mind, body and soul!!! 😍😍😍.”

“A good way to address the trolls 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but this does not look like Jill Scott.”

Separated at birth? Malaysia Pargo (left) and Jill Scott (right). (Photos: @malaysiapargo/Instagram, @missjillscott/Instagram)

The “BBW” star shared the initial sultry photo of herself wearing a Versace robe while posing on her balcony on Nov. 24. Although it was never confirmed why many people felt the reality star looked like the Grammy-winning singer, that didn’t stop the photo from going viral. The picture started trending under “Jill Scott” on Twitter after a user posted it online, assuming it was Scott’s photo.

Days later, the television personality uploaded a similar post but this time revealing the Versace two-piece bikini with the caption “Pretty face, Thick thighs, and Good Vibes… #goddessvibes.” Many fans argued that even though the photo was later clarified to be one of Pargo, they couldn’t “unsee” the supposed resemblance.

One wrote, “You still look like Jill sis, and I can’t unsee it now 😭.”

Another embraced the beauty of both women. “Still giving me 👑Goddess Jill Scott in the face. Both Beautiful Melaninated Women,” they said.

An Instagram user called the 40-year-old “Jillaysia,” which is a portmanteau of Pargo and Scott’s names.”Girl. You still look like Jillaysia😂.”

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