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‘Stop Coming Into Black Peoples Business’: Fans Race to Jill Scott’s Defense After Angry White Folks Call Her Rendition of the Black National Anthem an ‘Abomination’

Jill Scott fans have rallied behind the singer as backlash over her controversial version of the national anthem has sparked outrage among some white people.

The “Hate on Me” songstress impressed fans at the ESSENCE Festival when she belted out, “Oh say can you see/ By the blood in the street/ That this place doesn’t smile on you colored child/ Whose blood built this land with sweat and their hands.”

It’s a different take from the national anthem and what has been revered as the Black National Anthem since the civil rights movement: “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”

Jill Scott
CINCINNATI, OH – JULY 28: Jill Scott performs at Paul Brown Stadium on July 28, 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Nearly a week after sharing her rendition, it seems as though Scott’s lyrics may have been a bit too on the nose about the atrocities Black people have faced for generations in America. That’s clear in the way critics have taken aim at her wealth and perceived lack of first-hand experience with oppression as grounds to hurl insults at the Philly-bred star.

“R&B singer Jill Scott (@missjillscott) did a WOKE rendition of the National Anthem where she changed the lyrics to speak about how oppressed Black people are,” began a comment from GOP congressional candidate Lavern Spicer.

She continued, “For reference, Jill Scott’s net worth is estimated to be $12 MILLION and is likely much higher. In what way is she oppressed?”

“Jill Scott needs to be boycotted, blacklisted, ignored just a ridiculous  absurd display of her personal feelings. Not exceptable,” wrote another social media user.

A third person retorted, “Didn’t realize we had so many slaves that make millions to sing.”

A fourth added, “This abomination against the National Anthem should result in immediate revoking of citizenship!! If you don’t love this country….LEAVE!!!”

In her defense, one fan tweeted, “I’m so tired of these ignorant a– white people saying that because #JillScott  is a millionaire she should turn a blind eye to what other black people are going through? Gtfoh!!! You can be a millionaire and still acknowledge the injustice of other people.”

“Y’all need to take your ignorant RACIST selves to a d–n library or a University and stop coming into black peoples business to spout stupid sh*t that you don’t know anything about because you refuse to learn,” wrote a fan.

“Now this is OUR national anthem,” commented another.

The Grammy-winning artist seemingly addressed the early outrage when she tweeted, “I am me in entirely; beautifully human, if some will OR won’t. I see so I write. I feel so I write. I write cuz I gotsto.”

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