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‘Vibrant Thang’: Tami Roman Lights Up the ‘Gram with Her Style

Former “Basketball Wives” reality star Tami Roman is shining even brighter since leaving the show after season eight. She’s been working on her acting career, and her style has elevated, which fans notice. 

Over the weekend, Roman, 50, stepped in her grown woman vibes with a long white-and-black cardigan, black leggings, Christian Louboutin thigh-high boots and a black tote. 

The mother of two topped the look with red-and-black shades with her ombre tresses sitting gracefully on her shoulders.  

“Find the place inside where there’s joy and stay for a while 💯💋🙏🏽,” Roman captioned the post. 

Actress Tami Roman steps out in style while out and about. @TamiRoman/Instagram

Fans were all here for Roman being the ultimate fashionista and complimented her taste in design.


“LOVE the jacket.”

“Lookin real Expensive😊🔥💗🤑.”

“Walk that walk.”

“When the Bonnet comes off, the Beast comes out!!! GORGEOUS PICTURE!!!”

“Those boots😍 @tamiroman help me as you did, the way your blossoming and growing is WHEW Chile. You got off reality tv n sis is glowed, favored, Loved, and HAPPY!! GOD IS SO GOOD 💯.” 

A fan pointed out that since Roman has left the show, she’s been looking much happier — and, as shown through her timeline, seems to exude a more refined woman.

The former fiery and outspoken Roman had no problem giving people a piece of her mind, which came as no surprise considering her bold personality while on “The Real World: Los Angeles” in 1993. 

While she had acting gigs here and there throughout her career, she became a popular member on “Basketball Wives.” However, her continuous fights and arguments with castmates were not necessarily the influence she wanted to have on other young women, she admitted in a 2019 interview with Kontrol Magazine. 

 “ ‘Basketball Wives’ was a mirror. I embarrassed so many people, including myself,” she said during the interview with the magazine. 

Now, Roman has bossed up as a comedian with her “Bonnet Chronicles” series, as a footwear designer for The Rich Roman collection, the author of “Mistress 101,” and actress in “Saints and Sinners.” 

Roman is also a part of the “Truth Be Told” cast on Apple TV with Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer. 

Indeed, her various projects keep her busy and allow her to evolve into the vibrant thang she is today. 

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