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‘You’re the Ugly One’: City Girls Rapper JT Claps Back At Hater That Calls Her Unattractive

City Girls rapper JT is clapping back after a hater used social media as an opportunity to call her unattractive.

On Thursday, Nov. 19, JT took to social media to make a public service announcement after the random person on Twitter went viral for commenting on her appearance.

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Photo: @ThegirlJT/Instagram

The person tweeted, “If my man think JT attractive I have no choice but to leave him where he at, cause no way am I competing with somebody uglier than me.”

The viral tweet generated over 4,900 likes and was quoted over 10,000 times. A couple of hours later, the 27-year-old rapper made a video on her Instagram story in response to the tweet.


In the video, she says, “If you wake up every morning trying to convince yourself that another female isn’t pretty, you’re the ugly one.” She continued, “And stop saying how am I y’all n—a type. Don’t worry your n—a is not my type. So, you’re gonna keep your man and we all gon’ be cool.”

While fans of JT were already sticking up for her on Twitter and responding directly to the person who made the original tweet, she let off a few tweets of her own.

She said, “Ppl need to stop using my name to go viral, just weird. It’s giving mental patient.”

She later thanked her fans for coming to her defense writing, “Lol, I love how y’all take up for me cause b—–es be mad at me for nothing!”

Many of the Miami native’s haters were called colorist and were told their harsh words were rooted in colorism, a subject the rapper has talked about before.

Back in October, the rapper, born Jatavia Shakara Johnson, tweeted about a time she was with a guy that used to make fun of her dark skin.

She wrote, “I can’t believe someone I laid with & thought was my friend before anything sat round b**ches and called me black and crunchy. When he say that to me I be thinking he joking but he really feel that way wow!”

Her next tweet revealed that although she has dealt with her share of insecurities in the past, she is much more confident in her beauty now.

She wrote, “I had insecurity issues for a minute but I know I’m that b**ch now! I know I’m pretty dark and all.”

Colorism is an age-old issue in the Black community, as well as other races, and one that has been starting to get addressed more in recent years. Celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o, Zendaya, Issa Rae, and Viola Davis have talked about colorism in the past. Last year Queen B, Beyonce, left the world in awe when she addressed the subject with her powerful song “Brown Skin Girl” from the album “The Lion King: The Gift.”

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