Masika Kalysha Reveals Her Black Republican Status, Calls Out ‘Urban Fools’ for Voting for Donald Trump

Former “Love and Hip Hop” star Masika Kalysha made a striking admission just one day after the 2020 general election. 

In a series of posts shared to her Twitter account on Wednesday, Nov. 4, the former reality star revealed that she is a registered Republican — but she did not vote for Donald Trump for reelection. Instead, the 35-year-old gave her fans some insight into her political views and thoughts on “urban fools” who voted for the sitting president. 

Masika Kalysha showing off her rainbow hair. (Photo: @masikakalysha/Instagram)

“I am a black republican for Biden/Harris bc there’s more issues than my fking taxes!” the media personality tweeted.  She added, “U can vote to legalize marijuana even if u don’t smoke or sell U can vote pro choice even if u personally don’t believe in abortion or HAVE A WOMB U can vote pro love even if ur not lgbtq+.”

Masika went on to blast artists and entertainers — although she didn’t mention any names— who supported Trump solely for a tax break. As previously reported, rapper 50 Cent made headlines after he insinuated that he’d vote for Trump after discovering that former Vice President Joe Biden’s policy proposals would raise taxes on those in the highest income brackets. The “Get Rich or Die Trying” rapper later retracted his statement, claiming that he was just joking.  

“All urban fools supporting Donald Duck r crying about taxes… something 45 knows NOTHING about. How can he possibly relate when he doesn’t pay his taxes? I paid tax of 65k this yr as a blk single mom under 45s admin. Trump paid NOTHING I don’t make a fraction of what he makes!” Masika tweeted. 

In a follow-up tweet, the former “Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta” star wrote, “I personally don’t believe in aborting for ME but who the f-ck am I to tell another woman what to do with her womb??? I am not lbgtq+ but who tf am I to vote on the rights of those who are???? White folks making BILLIONS with weed on wall Street while black folks r doing bids.”

Masika concluded her Twitter Ted Talk by calling out rapper Lil Pump for supporting Trump despite his lack of respect for minorities. The star referred to him as Little Pimp in reference to Trump butchering the rapper’s name after inviting him onstage at a recent rally during the final days of his 2020 campaign.

“we have to use our brains. Let #LittlePimp be an example TRUMP DONT GIVE A FLYING FK ABOUT HIS DUMB ASS SUPPORTERS!” she wrote. “@lilpump makes ignorant ass music that my ppl support yet his fool ass is front and center for a obese carrot who makes a mockery of him & hares minorities.”

Many of Masika’s supporters applauded her for bringing a different viewpoint to the discussion on politics. One person tweeted, “Talk that sh-t Masika !!!!!!” while another wrote, “PREACH BLACK WOMAN PREACHHHH!!!!”

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