‘I’m Weak’: Zonnique Pullins’ Chat About Life After Pregnancy Veers Off Track When Friend Reginae Carter Slides Into the Comment Section

Zonnique Pullins took to Instagram Live on Wednesday, Oct. 28, to talk to her followers about numerous topics, one of them being life after pregnancy. But things went left after friend and reality star Reginae Carter entered the chat.

Pullins, who was openly discussing why she preferred using tampons during her monthly cycle on Oct. 28, was met with a rude awakening after a fan commented following childbirth women are advised by their health care providers to wear pads. The Instagram user wrote, “You gotta wear pads after you have the baby, you’re not able to use tampons for six to eight weeks.”

The expectant mother responded by listing the additional things medical professionals also suggested. “You don’t be able to do nothing for six to eight weeks, that’s a long time. They [doctors] talking about no sex, no working out. Like, what did I get myself into?” The 24-year-old nonetheless said her daughter will be “worth” the upcoming restrictions.

“She will be worth it, you know. She will be worth it, but damn.” During Zonnique’s speech, her fans’ attention started shifting after Reginae recommended that her friend opt for oral stimulation by “get(ting) it licked.” Some people couldn’t stop laughing over the random comment, while others said pleasure will be the last thing on Zonnique’s mind.

“I’m weak.”

“She not even gonna want to be touched after baby girl come.. trust me lol.”

“Ayeeee I’m screamingggg 😩😭😂😂😂.”

“Ummm Reginae? You totally CANNOT sis 😬.”

“LMFAOOOOOO you can get it licked. I cannnnotttt.”

“The Mix” co-host revealed back in August that she and her boyfriend of two years, rapper Bandhunta Izzy, were expecting their first child, after months of speculation. In an interview with People magazine, Zonnique, who was five months pregnant at the time, said it had been easy so far.

“With it being my first time being pregnant, I had so many expectations and was thinking, ‘Oh, it’s going to be really hard,’” Zonnique said. “I never really had morning sickness.”

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