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‘Why You’re Always Having Your Hands Down There?’: Joseline Hernandez Gets Mixed Reviews on OnlyFans Promo Picture

Joseline Hernandez is turning some of her fans off with her latest OnlyFans promo picture.

In the photo posted on Oct. 28, Joseline stands in front of a building with a pool. She is wearing black fishnet tights, slides, and high-waisted bottoms. Her long black cover-up sits on top of her slightly uncovered bosom.


Additionally, she chose a dark smoky eye, peach-colored lipstick, and a durag to cover her box braids.

She captioned the shot “Only Fans Joselinescabaret Active.”

While the Puerto Rican Princess did receive some fire emojis and almost 53,000 likes, other fans let their disapproval be known in the comments.

One fan wrote, “I love you but this ain’t it Fren.”

“Girl someone needs to help you take pictures lol your so pretty and that stand right there give me manly vibes lol,” said another.

Another asked, “Why you’re always having your hands down there,” referring to Joseline’s stance.

Standing and looking straight forward at the camera, Joseline has a slightly hunched posture with her feet standing apart and her hands placed on her crotch.

Another fan suggested that Joseline should “cancel the makeup artist.”

There were also several comments of people calling her a “thug” due to the assertive look of the outfit.

This was the first time Joseline posted a picture from the photo shoot, but it was not the first time fans got a glimpse of the images.

Two weeks earlier on Instagram she released a video from the same day that she took the still shot. The “Love and Hip Hop” star initially posted the behind-the-scenes footage on Oct. 14.

As her makeup artist was recording, Joseline walked into the frame of the video wearing the same outfit from the Oct. 28 post. She posed and threw up the peace sign before walking backward.

“All behind the scenes on my only fans,” her caption read.

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