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‘Warms My Heart’: Alexis Skyy Shares Video of Her Daughter’s New Hairstyle

Alexis Skyys fans showed admiration for the reality star on Thursday after the 26-year-old shared a charming video of her daughter Alaiya Grace flaunting her newly done braids accessorized with black beads

The “Love and Hip Hop” star posted a clip of her 2-year-old special-needs daughter waving while joyfully saying “hi” to everyone in the room and riding her toy car. The model dedicated the Oct. 22 upload, which generated over 497,000 views, to her hairstylist, who travels to where Skyy lives to braid the tot’s hair.

“My princess thank @styles_by_raya 💕 she travels to New York to braid lay lay hair I appreciate you,” Skyy wrote. Many of the entrepreneur’s followers commended her parenting skills.

Alexis Skyy and her daughter Alaiya. (Photo: @alexisskyy/Instagram)

“She doesn’t get enough credit for being such a good mommy ❤️👏🏽.”

“That smile let’s your know she surrounded by love 😍😍😍.”

“I love how Alexis embraces her daughter and is always laughing when recording her 💞💜.”

“Omg she’s sooo cute!! Every time you post her she just warms my heart ❤️❤️ You’re doing amazing Alexis 🌹.”

“You’re such a great mom!🤍😍.”

Although the mother of one received positive feedback for this post, during an interview in May with “Hollywood Unlocked” Alexis recalled a time when people weren’t so kind, especially to her daughter. The televison personality opened up about how it made her feel to see the hurtful comments about Alaiya, who suffers from hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid in the cavities deep within the brain which can cause brain damage.

“At first, it did bother me but I learned to just kind of block it out because it’s disgusting,” Alexis said. “She’s a baby. If you’re that evil to talk about a kid or talk about what I went through, you’re just an evil person. So I just learned to tune that part out but it was hard. I’m not gon’ lie, it was hard in the beginning to deal with it. But now I just have this barrier up.”

She also disclosed that her job as a parent is to make sure her child is taken care of. “Like, Alaiya, I know she’s strong, She’s a fighter. She motivates me every day. So to just see her striving, to help her, that’s my job as a mother, to make sure she’s good.”

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