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‘Is the Weasel Recording Them?’: Tamar Braxton Enjoys Some Time at the Beach with Her Son After Family Drama

Tamar Braxton is spending some quality time with her son Logan Herbert. On Monday, Oct. 19, a video was posted to Logan’s Instagram account of him and Braxton taking a stroll on the beach and enjoying the sun.

Braxton and Logan are both fully clothed, and the footage also shows the mother and son taking coronavirus precautions, as they were wearing masks.

Tamar Braxton and her son Logan enjoy a day at the beach. @loganland7/Instagram

“My favorite place is the beach with my best friend mommy,” read the caption.  

Braxton’s mother, Evelyn Braxton commented, “So wonderful look at God!!!”

Her older sister Towanda Braxton wrote, “My Pooh.”

Many people remarked on the 7-year-old, with “Logan is getting so tall” as one of the typical comments.

While plenty of fans showed their excitement that Braxton was hanging out with her son, other fans wanted to know who was behind the camera filming the pair.

One fan asked, “Is the weasel ferret recording them?” The comment was a reference to Toni Braxton’s message on Oct. 12, where she called Braxton’s ex boyfriend David Adefeso a “weasel” and a “ferret.”

A person wrote, “Hope David ain’t holding the camera,” while another wrote, “Hopefully Vince is holding the camera.”

Others sent well-wishes to Braxton, writing, “Nothing but love and healing for this queen and her family.”

Another person said, “Glad to see Tay Tay is getting better.”

The shower of support coming from fans is a result of the recent drama that has festered between Adefeso and the Braxton family. Since the messy breakup of Tamar Braxton and Adefeso, their drama has seemed to mix into the lives of some of Braxton’s sisters.

tamar braxton
(From left) Tamar Braxton, Logan and David Adefeso. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Toni Braxton implied that Adefeso had crossed the family after posting a public message directed toward him on Instagram on Oct. 12. She wrote, “David, You Weasel…you Ferrett…You are beyond contempt. Once again, DO Not include my children in your SHENANIGANS. Please leave my family ALONE!”

This led Tamar to tweet, “Nobody wins when the family feuds.”

Shortly afterward, Towanda Braxton went on IG Live with her fiancé, Sean Hall, to drop more hints about the situation. Explaining that Toni was extremely angry at David, she said little else to clarify the matter.

“It’s just, it’s even deeper than you guys can even imagine,” Towanda said, later adding, “We don’t care what happens or how we may disagree or agree to disagree, you never involve the children and David went over the line when it comes to that.”

The Braxtons have been pretty tight-lipped about what happened to make Toni Braxton go off on Adefeso, and so has Adefeso. On Oct. 13, his rep gave a statement to The Blast saying, “David wishes the Braxton family nothing but the best and has moved on from this ordeal stronger. He’s focused on justice for Nigeria (sars) and releasing his app, Sootchy, that will address wealth disparity and help reduce educational debt within minority communities.“

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