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‘Please Leave My Family Alone’: Toni Braxton Sends Message to Tamar’s Ex, Tamar and Towanda Respond

Toni Braxton is not happy with Tamar Braxton’s ex David Adefeso, and it looks like the drama between the couple has now spread to others in the family. In a note posted to Instagram an Oct. 12, Toni goes off on Adefeso as she addresses him head-on.  

The message goes, “David, You Weasel…you Ferrett…You are beyond contempt. Once again, DO Not include my children in your SHENANIGANS. Please leave my family ALONE!”

Toni Braxton sends a message to David Adefso on Instagram. @tonibraxton/Instagram

It’s not clear what Adefeso might have done or how it involves Toni’s children, but shortly after Toni uploaded her post Tamar followed up with an ambiguous post. She took to Twitter and wrote, “Nobody wins when the family feuds,” quoting Jay Z’s 2017 song “Family Feud.”

Tamar Braxton seemingly responds to Toni Braxton’s recent message to David Adefso. @tamarbraxton/Twitter

About an hour after Tamar’s tweet, her older sister Towanda Braxton and her fiancé, Sean Hall, hopped on Instagram Live. At first it was a regular Live of them greeting fans and joking with friends, but eventually someone in the comments asked about Toni.

Towanda responded, “Yes, Toni is OK, she’s just really pissed off at David, as we all are. We don’t appreciate or I guess agree or condone the way he’s handling the situation. It’s just, it’s even deeper than you guys can even imagine.”

Towanda’s fiancé Sean jumped in, saying, “Yall only know the surface of it.”

Towanda added, “So for Toni to even say something and to post it on social media, because you know she never does anything like that, you know he’s gone way too far. And, you know, like she said, you don’t involve the children. We don’t care what happens or how we may disagree or agree to disagree, you never involve the children and David went over the line when it comes to that.”

Tamar Braxton
Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

As far as Adefeso is concerned, Towanda believes “that he’s a loser boy.”

She let fans know that Tamar and Logan are OK and thanked admirers for always being supportive of the Braxton family. Before ending the Live she said that Toni had called about “10 times” and that she has to leave.

This drama comes about a month after Adefeso and Tamar’s chaotic breakup, which involved a restraining order and domestic abuse allegations.

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