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‘Is You My Dawg?’: Toya Johnson Shares Cute Video of Her Daughter Reign and Her ‘TT’ Rasheeda Going Back and Forth

Toya Johnson‘s daughter Reign Ryan Rushingwhom she shares with her fiancé Robert “Red” Rushing, is just a bundle of personality.

On Thursday, Oct. 15, the “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle” reality star took to her Instagram account and shared an adorable video of the toddler having the cutest back and forth with “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Rasheeda Frost

Toya Johnson and Reign Photo: @toyajohnson/Instagram

In the short clip, Rasheeda asked Reign, “Are you my dawg?” the toddler responded, asking the same question, but even louder, “are you my dawg?” while she mimicked Rasheeda’s hand gestures. Rasheeda then told the 2-year-old, “You my favorite dawg.” She adds, “I see you,” as she waved her fingers in motion. Reign replied to her “TT,” “yeah, you my favorite.” However, unable to do the “I see you” hand gesture, she instead opened and closed her hand in a winking motion near her left eye. Toya could be heard in the background laughing hysterically. The clip was viewed over 537,000 times and received over 4,000 comments from fans gushing over the baby girl.

Many fans expressed their wishes to meet the bubbly toddler, including one fan who wrote, “Bruuuuh I wanna be Reigns friend SO bad…she seems way cooler than my current friends 😂😂😂.” Another user commented, “I can’t with this cutie!!! This gurl is too danggone smart and sweet! No is you my dog!”

A third person commented, “Hey reign she is just to cute her sister and mother with a tap of dad in her I love it😂😂😂😂 ❤️❤️❤️.”  “It’s the hand wave at the end for me. And Kirk ass in the back smiling like he bouta go try again for a lil girl,” a fourth person wrote. 

Toya frequently shares funny moments of baby Reign’s antics with her 8.4 million followers. Last month, she shared a video of Reign after she found her playing with makeup. “Looking for Rainbow and look how I found her,” Toya could be heard saying in the clip. Reign then appeared with red lipstick, not only on her lips but all over her face. Fans were left in stitches, including one fan who wrote, “Okay okay… I can see where she was going with it. She got some contouring going on & her lips is poppin 🤣🤣🤣.”

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