‘Are You Messing with Me Right Now?’: Towanda Braxton’s Sisters Shocked to Hear About Her Engagement from Paparazzi

It seems as though Towanda Braxton forgot to call a few close relatives before she told the press that she had gotten engaged to her longtime boyfriend Sean Hall.

Recently, TMZ ran into the “Braxton Family Values” star and her now-fiancé while the pair were at LAX on Wednesday, Sept 30. When the reporter stopped the two before they left the airport he asked if they were doing anything special in Los Angeles. 

Towanda Braxton recently shocked her family by revealing her engagement to boyfriend Sean Hall to the press before telling her sisters about it. (Photo: @itowandabaxton/Instagram)

First, he asked about Toni, to which Towanda responded, “I’m waiting for y’all to tell me. You know something I don’t know,” right before letting it slip that she and Sean were getting married. When the reporter asked if the two were joking, Sean said, “I wouldn’t joke about that.”

The following day, another reporter for the media outlet ran into Towanda’s sister Trina Braxton. After asking about Tamar’s well-being — the star allegedly attempted suicide earlier this year — he then asked Trina to comment on Tamar’s now ex-boyfriend David Adefeso, to which she had nothing positive to say. The reporter then asked Trina about Towanda’s engagement. “We saw her yesterday, and she told us she’s getting married,” he told her. 

Overcome by surprise, Trina responded, “Did she? Wait, wait. What? Are you messing with me right now? She said she’s getting married?” Trina questioned. 

Trina’s husband jumped in, revealing that he and Sean had previously had a conversation about Towanda and Sean marrying. Trina’s mother, Evelyn Braxton soon joined in to hear what was being said. Trina informed her mother that Towanda was getting married. The TMZ reporter chimed in, “She had a ring on.”

“Well, you know what Beyoncé say,” Ms. E responded. “What does Beyoncé say?” the reporter asked, to which Ms. E replied, “You gotta put a ring on it.”

Based on the series of events, it seems as though there may be some truth to Tamar’s claims that she and her sisters don’t interact with one another outside of the time they spend filming for their reality show. 

During an episode of her own reality show, “Tamar: Get Ya Life,” the songstress got emotional while speaking candidly about her family tension. When talking with producer Mona Scott-Young, Tamar admitted, “I believe with family you never stop trying. But sometimes, you end up hurting yourself even more when you are constantly being rejected. And that’s where I am.”

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