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‘It’s the Stretch Marks For Me’: Fans Applaud Draya Michele for Embracing Unedited Photos of Her Body

Model and entrepreneur Draya Michele is normally known for flaunting her sultry good looks and having great photo-op angle shots, but when the former “Basketball Wives” star decided to take a different approach on Tuesday by sharing unedited pics of herself, fans were singing Michele’s praises.

On the Oct. 6 upload, the “Perfect Match” actress — who wasn’t wearing an ounce of makeup other than false lashes and lip gloss — also wore a two-piece patterned bikini. The swimsuit is a special edition collection in honor of the tenth anniversary of her swimwear company Mint Swim. In every photo she displayed how each bathing suit complemented her curves.

Draya Michele showing off her hourglass figure in new photos. (Photo: @drayamichele/Instagram)

The first pic shows the model from the waist up, raising her arms in the air and looking off into the distance as she wore a halter-style one-piece swimsuit with a variety of colors, such as pink, red, orange, and black. The swimsuit also had a plunging neckline that barely contained Michele’s revealing cleavage. In another photo, the Mint Swim designer was standing seductively showing off her hourglass figure in her bikini as she placed her arm across her stomach.

Draya Michele showing off her tiger stripes after sharing unedited photos in honor of her 10th anniversary of her swimwear company Mint Swim. (Photo:@drayamichele/Instagram)

Many fans appreciated the transparency of the shoot because it smashed the societal expectations of having a perfect body.

“It’s the stretch marks for me 😍🔥 Go sisss.”

“I love that you didn’t edit these 💕.”

“Loving the unedited real pics your body is ELITE ……🏆.”

“Dope AF how natural you kept this pic … we sometimes forget how perfect we are as we are 💯.”

“Raw. Confident. Beautiful. 💕”

Draya Michele denying allegations she’s had any work done besides her breasts. @drayamichele/Twitter

Before this acclaimed upload, the 35-year-old’s body erupted as a topic of discussion in 2019 when Michele made headlines after people speculated that her assets weren’t all natural. She rebutted those allegations by tweeting that the only thing fake about her is her boobs.

“For the record. I’ve never had lipo suction, s curve, fat transfer, and Brazilian butt lift…. for any confusion out there. There isn’t a doctor out there that can take credit for anything on me except these boobs and that’s dr david Kim BEVERLY HILLS plastic surgery.”

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