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Straight Up: Travis Scott Will Pay The Tuition Of Five HBCU Students

Rapper Travis Scott is about to bless five students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, after offering to pay for their college tuition.

Scott’s sudden gifting mood came on Oct. 7, on Twitter, when he tweeted, “Imma just stock up on new phones cause at this rate I’m just trippen. !!!!!!” Apparently, Scott, whose real name is Jacques Berman Webster II, has a problem with breaking his phones and this was his solution.

(Photo: @travisscott/Instagram)

This tweet sent fans in a frenzy, and they took to Twitter to share the things they have lost or broken and asked Scott to replace them. Although it is not clear if he was joking, Scott replied to a few fans offering to replace items like airpods, and a ps5. He even offered to give a fan, who lost their hoodie at his concert another hoodie and a pair of shoes that he wore to go with it.

About two hours after his original tweet, Scott wrote, “AND I KNOW SCHOOL JUST STARTED AND I WANNA TAKE CARE OF 5 KIDS TUITION FOR THERE FIRST SEMESTER OF SCHOOL !!! WHY NOT!!!!!” He followed up with a retweet clarifying that he would particularly help students attending HBCUs.

The 29 year old continued with another tweet repeating the terms, saying, “5 KIDS THAT ATTEND A HBCU Send me ur schools ya heard !!!”

In his next tweet, Scott talked about his parents and their educational backgrounds. He said, “My mom went to Grambling and my dad went to PV. Wild”

Grambling University is an HBCU located in Grambling, Louisiana. Assuming that Scott’s father went to an HBCU as well, the “PV” in his tweet would stand for Prairie View A&M University, located in Prairie View, Texas.

So far, Scott has already found two students on Twitter, whose tuition he agreed to pay.

One of the students wrote out how COVID has affected his life and first year at Morehouse College and how much the money would help. Luckily, Scott noticed his tweet and picked him as the first student to support.

He wrote, “My mom always wanted me to go here.!!!! So I got u bro !!! Just lock in and come out of there ready to change the world.”

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