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Willow Debuts Her ‘Awoken’ TWA on Instagram, and Fans Are Loving It

Months after stunning her fans with her big chop, Willow Smith is starting to let her hair grow back. Last week Willow surprised her Instagram followers with a picture showing how much her hair has grown since she cut it during the early days of the pandemic.

The Sept. 28 post shows just a close-up head shot of Willow. With her eyes closed and lips slightly puckered, the 19-year-old looks relaxed as her skin reflects a red glow.

Willow Smith showing off her TWA. (Photo: @willowsmith/Instagram)

But the real star of the photo was Willow’s teeny-weeny Afro. She captioned it, “The fro has been <awoken>,” giving it all of the attention.

“Love Galore” singer SZA took time to comment, “Say lessss 😍😍.”

One follower added, “Drop a line of Afropicks for the squad.”  This comment caught Willow’s attention and she replied, “ahahah!! That would be a vibe ✨.”

Another person commented on how quickly Willow’s hair seemed to have grown, saying, “you literally blinked and now you have so much hair.”

Willow got the big cut in mid-March in a public exhibition. Willow and her rumored musician-boyfriend, Tyler Cole, trapped themselves in a box for 24 hours in a performance art piece at a gallery in Los Angeles called Museum of Contemporary Art’s Geffen Contemporary. While in the box, the 22-year-old Cole shaved Willow’s head. The duo make up a band called “The Anxiety,” and this unique stunt was a way for them to promote their debut album, which is also called “The Anxiety.”

The art performance consisted of eight phases, each supposedly representing a different stage of anxiety. According to the Los Angeles Times, the pair’s performance consisted of “cycling through emotional states: paranoia, rage, sadness, numbness, euphoria, strong interest, compassion and acceptance.”

Willow Smith promotes her performance art event for her band’s debut album “The Anxiety.” @theanxiety/Instagram

They both stayed in each phase for a total of three hours, allowing each visitor to observe the box for 15 minutes. The event was promoted as “A personification of the emotional spectrum within the human mind through performance art.”

On March 13, two days after the exhibit, “The Anxiety” was released.

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