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Willow Smith Reveals That She’s ‘Proud’ of Jada Pinkett-Smith For Opening Up About Her ‘Entanglement’ with August Alsina

On the latest episode of “Red Table Talk,” Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Jones had an conversation about vulnerability.

The three women were recounting to vulnerability researcher Brené Brown their experiences of being at their most vulnerable when Pinkett Smith and Willow publicly discussed, for the first time, Jada’s “entanglement” with August Alsina and subsequent confession to her husband for the entire world to see.

Jada Pinkett Smith shares self with fans. Photo: @JadaPinkettSmith/Instagram

The discussion began when the three women were revealing their “most vulnerable moments” on “Red Table Talk” so far.

While Willow Smith revealed her most vulnerable moment was opening up about her self-harm habits as a younger girl and Banfield-Jones admitted she was most vulnerable on the show when she was talking about how addiction has affected her life, Jada had a much more newsworthy experience of vulnerability. 

“Well, I would say,” she said with an exaggerated smile, her mother giggling in the background, “For me it would be the last ‘RTT’ we did.” The “last RTT” being, of course, her conversation with Will Smith that covered the relationship she had with August Alsina while she and Will were separated.

Pinkett-Smith explained how discussing the “entanglement” on “Red Table Talk” was a “full blast of flaws and feeling” and “the total breakdown of any mask.”

Jada Pinkett Smith and august Alsina (Photos): @jadapinkettsmith/Instagram, @augustalsina/Instagram

Her mother expressed her pride at her daughter’s vulnerable moment. “It was so much courage,” Banfield-Jones said.

That’s when Willow piped in, exclaiming to her mother: “I am so proud of you.”

“To be able to see you and Dad do that, for me, that was like, ‘OK, that’s the real deal,'” she continued. “That’s real love. When you can be like, ‘I’m with you, I’m gonna stand by you, and I’m gonna hold your hand because I love you.’ That’s what we do. And that’s really important.”

Jada’s mother seemed to concur with Willow. Banfield-Jones expressed agreement throughout Willow’s statements, chiming in with choruses of “right, right”. 

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith took to “Red Table Talk” in July to discuss the rumors of her alleged affair with singer August Alsina. On the episode, Pinkett Smith admitted to having an “entanglement” with Alsina when she and Smith were separated. While the episode was headline-making news, the two seemed to have reconciled and moved on with their marriage. They revealed in the episode of “Red Table Talk” that they have since worked on their marriage and “gotten to that new place of unconditional love.”

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