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‘Promoting Nonsense’: Chance The Rapper Slammed for Telling People to Vote Like Their Mothers

Chance The Rapper recently gave his Twitter followers some advice about voting in November’s general election and was heavily criticized. Many also accused him of using his platform to spread harmful information.

Plus there were others who accused the “Coloring Book” rapper of trying to win votes for his friend Kanye West, since he’s running for president against Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Chance The Rapper was heavily criticized for telling people to ask their mothers for voting advice. (Photo: @chancetheapper/Instagram)

“Ask your mom who to vote for. Vote for who she say,” Chance tweeted on Tuesday, Sept. 22. “And ion care what somebody quoted over my s–t. Ya mama been thru alot. Ask them and trust them.”

“Chance, really dude?? Stop doing this s–t,” someone tweeted in response. “You know who we need to vote for. It would be nice to see you using your platform to speak on that instead of promoting nonsense.”

“The way you give the worst possible advice with such a big platform,” a second person wrote.

There were also some who said a lot of mothers don’t vote, aren’t politically informed or they’re staunch Republicans who will vote for Trump.

Chance responded to the first wave of backlash by writing, “Yall worried bout everybody else mama, I said yo mama.”

But that tweet didn’t stop the criticism, it only seemed to increase.

That could be because people are still bothered by Chance seemingly endorsing West for president in July, merely because he liked his song “Donda” that was released at that time.

“And yall out here tryna convince me to vote for Biden. Smfh,” Chance wrote next to the “Donda” video, which got him a lot of backlash.

Chance also defended West in April of 2018 when West posted a photo of himself wearing Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat and criticized former President Barack Obama.

Under Chance’s tweet about asking mothers for voting advice, people listed other reasons why they felt his words were wrong.

“What a silly thing to tell people with such a large platform,” someone tweeted. “Not to mention the fact that not everyone has a mom.”

“Sorry but having been through a lot doesn’t make them automatically know what the solution is,” wrote someone else.

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