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‘Blue Be Embarrassed’: Beyoncé Joins Her Mother’s Waco Gala and Tells Jokes, but Blue Ivy Ain’t Feeling It

Beyoncé may be a triple threat in the entertainment industry, but she might not be the best at telling corny jokes. On Saturday, Sept. 19, her mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, and Knowles-Lawson’s husband, Richard Lawson, held a “WACO 2020 Virtual Celebration” for their Los Angeles theater, Where Art Can Occur Theater.

During the Sept. 19 event, Tina Knowles-Lawson had a segment called “Miss Tina’s Celebrity Corny Jokes for Charity,” where daughter Solange and other celebrities like Zendaya, Angela Basset, Kerry Washington and many more sent in videos of themselves telling a corny joke, which Knowles-Lawson then posted on social media.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy. (Photo: @beyonce/Instagram)

In one clip Beyoncé is seen with no makeup on and a black hoodie. She starts her joke off asking, “Why does Snoop Dogg need an umbrella?”

Viewers can then see a small hand come from the left side of the video and hear someone say, “No, that voice.”

Although she can’t be seen, watchers know that the voice belongs to Blue Ivy.

As the video continues, Beyoncé looks up at Blue Ivy and back at the camera and says, “for drizzle.”

The 8-year-old then shakes her mom’s shoulder and says, “Mom, the voice, no.”

Beyoncé says “for drizzle” again, and Blue insists her voice is still not correct, replying, “no, no” and covering Beyoncé’s mouth.

Fans laughed away in the comments, with one writing, “I just realized Blue be embarrassed by her mom and her mom is Beyonce lmaooo that’s crazy.”

Another fan had a joke of their own, saying, “It’s apparent that Beyonce is Blue Ivy’s assistant and she didn’t give her permission to talk.”

Someone else added, “Blue is the only one who can check Beyonce and Jay Z.”

Tina Knowles-Lawson and her husband, Richard Lawson, who are the founders of WACO Theater, used the virtual event to raise funds to benefit WACO Theater Center and families affected by COVID-19.

Although the event has passed, it can still be watched on WACO Theater Center’s YouTube channel.  

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