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‘Good Lord Have Mercy’: Steve Harvey’s Leather Suit Has Fans Swooning

If there is anything Steve Harvey is known for, besides the many jobs he has in the entertainment industry, it’s his fashionable suits. Last week Harvey decided to step out of his shell and try on a different kind of two-piece.

The 63-year-old posted a picture of himself on Instagram in what appears to be an indoor golf course. The Sept. 17 post shows him standing in one of his more swaggering poses sporting an all-black leather suit.

Steve Harvey in a Dolce and Gabbana suit. (Photo: iamsteveharvey/Instagram)

The “Family Feud” host’s caption reads, “Custom @dolcegabbana styled by @elly30 Head to toe leather.”

The Dolce and Gabbana Alta Satoria suit was paired together with a crisp white dress shirt and highly polished black leather boots. The comedian left a few buttons on the shirt undone, showing off a little bit of his chest and adding to the edgy look.

Many fans left comments saying they were digging the new look.

One fan wrote, “You are cleaner than the inside of a clorox bottle Steve!!”

Another Instagram user wrote, “Sharp as a tac.”

He also had some of the ladies loving his unique look.

One woman typed, “Good Lord have mercy……nothing beats a well dressed man.”

Some people paid more attention to other details, saying, “signature mustache,” while others commented on what the suit was lacking, writing, “You need that pimp hat.”

Even his daughter Brandi Harvey joined in, saying, “Oh you Fly Fly.”

Steve’s stylist, Elly Karamoh, took time to post the picture on his Instagram as well, writing, “This that new edition! Can you feel the rain!? Mr. Harvey in custom Dolce and Gabba Alta Satoria For the big finale. I hope we made Mr. Dolce Proud tonight.”

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