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Steve Harvey’s ‘Family Feud’ Resumes Filming In Atlanta During Pandemic

Steve Harvey had to stop shooting episodes of “Family Feud” because of COVID-19. But that changed when taping resumed on Tuesday, Aug. 4, in Atlanta.

The show will premiere its 22nd season on Sept. 14. Deadline reports that while it will have the same look and feel as before, viewers will notice some changes that will allow the host Harvey, contestants, and crew members to practice social distancing while filming.

Steve Harvey started filming the 22nd season of “Family Feud” in Atlanta on Wednesday, Aug. 4. He shot some episodes earlier this year in Los Angeles. (Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Other safety measures put in place because of the pandemic include having a smaller crew on set with no audience members present. There will also be regular temperature checks, and crew members will be wearing masks along with other personal protective equipment.

Some of the “Family Feud” 22nd season had already been shot between Los Angeles and Atlanta before it headed back to the Southern city to film again.

“Family Feud” first aired in 1976, with Harvey picking up hosting duties in 2010. He owns a home in Atlanta, so he filmed the syndicated version of the show there early on.

The comedian then moved it to Los Angeles in 2017 after he began filming his now-defunct “Steve” talk show. After the talk show’s cancellation, an online version of the show called “Steve on Watch” began filming in Atlanta at Tyler Perry Studios.

Reportedly, “Family Feud” has experienced a significant ratings boost over the past few months since people have been spending more time at home because of the pandemic.

So far it’s grabbed the top spot in the ratings department for 2020’s second quarter. It also beat “Judge Judy” in households with adults ages 25 to 54, and it is topping “Jeopardy!” in households overall.

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8 thoughts on “Steve Harvey’s ‘Family Feud’ Resumes Filming In Atlanta During Pandemic

  1. Mickey says:

    Yes yes yes man I been watching all his past episodes some of them I know by heart lol I love family Freud only because he is the host.

  2. Penny Sanders says:

    No does it better then Steve Harvey. Family Freud, Little Big shots and his talk show NOBODY does it better l miss them a lot 😒

  3. Ken says:

    My wife and I have recorded several episodes of Family Feud and watch it before bedtime. It really makes us sleep well and kets us go to bed very happy and forget about whats going on in the world.

  4. Brown says:

    Tell Steve Harvey to quit cursing on the show . I don’t like to hear it , but I have a 7 yrs. old grandson that loves the show and he always says that he (Steve) shouldn’t say that bad word. Other game show host don’t curse so why does Steve Harvey think to so cute , it is not.

  5. Chris Andra says:

    Keep doing us job

  6. Patricia Franks says:

    Steve Harvey’s Family Feud is the best thing onTV I watch it every day if it isn’t on I don’t even turn the TV on..

  7. Sandra Freeman says:

    Hello, l’ve seen all game’s an the reurns I’m happy that he’s filming again there it’s closer to home. I love Steve Harvey

  8. Mitzi Gillespie says:

    Was so disappointed when his host show was dropped!!! Steve’s the man!!

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