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‘Well Damn’: Marlo Hampton Leaves Fans Speechless After Serving Bawdy in Bathing Suit

Marlo Hampton is showing the ‘Gram what she’s working with and her fans are in love.

The 44-year-old friend of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” put her curves on display in a black cutout bathing suit, spiked, open-toed heels, and waist-length braids.

Marlo Hampton creates a vibe in a black bathing suit and heels./Photo Credit: @marlohampton/Instagram

“Never “the type” but always “the one” 💯,” she captioned the image, which received over 43,400 likes.

Marlo’s sexy bathing suit and studded heels combo gave fans plenty to talk about in her comments.

“It’s the body for me 🙌🏾😩😩😩,” one pointed out.

“Well damn 🔥,” stated another.

“It’s time @marlohampton gets a peach!” demanded a third. “Damn girl!! You are gorgeous.”

“Yes hun you be giving them lyfe 💯 @marlohampton,” a fourth encouraged.

“Shuttin It Down With No Effort,” wrote a fifth.

“Stepping on all these 20 year olds necks 🔥,” praised a sixth.

Marlo Hampton serves bawdy for the ‘Gram./Photo Credit: @marlohampton/Instagram

The reality TV regular previously told ET that she’s satisfied with her current position as a friend of the show. “I don’t go to sleep every night like, ‘Lord, please give me a peach,’ ” Hampton told ET. “Bravo pays me well. I travel good. I eat good. I got good benefits. So, Bravo is my family.”

She continued, saying that she hasn’t lost hope that she’ll get her peach one day, but isn’t hung up on it. “Hopefully … they’ll come around and say, ‘You know what? Let’s give Marlo a try.’ Because a lot of girls have been given tries and they’re gone. Honestly, titles are important to a lot of people,” she added. “With me, coming from humble beginnings, I’m glad to say I can eat, I can shop, I can not work and support my two nephews with no help. I’m living in a home that’s paid for, thank God. I want [the peach] for my fans.”

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