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Masika Kalysha Uses IG Kidnapping Stunt to Shill for Supposed Group Fighting Sex Trafficking, Ignites Backlash from Fans, Group’s Founder

Former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” cast member Masika Kalysha has found herself at the center of social media drama once again. This time a very public back-and-forth took place between she and the founder of a purported anti-sex trafficking called R.O.S.E. Organization exchanged a barrage of accusations against each other on Instagram.

The reality TV star posted two now-deleted videos on Instagram in which she appeared to be badly beaten and wearing only a bra and panties. In her first video’s caption, she wrote that she was kidnapped and being held in a warehouse and that the only way she’d be let go is if people subscribe to her OnlyFans page and tip her.

Masika Kalysha went head to head — or post to post — with the founder of a supposed anti-sex trafficking group called R.O.S.E. Organization. (Photo: @masikakalysha/Instagram)

She explained in the second video that she was actually on the set of the UMC series “Double Cross,” and that the reason for the theatrics was to bring awareness to the R.O.S.E. Organization to help victims of sexual trafficking and exploitation, a supposed foundation whose board she claimed to sit on.

Masika caught a lot of heat for this social media stunt. @masikakalysha/Instagram

“Now that I got your attention, I want to talk about something very important. I’m sorry if I scared you, but sometimes you need that shock factor…The show that I am on right now is about child sex trafficking…This is something that I am very passionate about. I’ve joined forces with the R.O.S.E Organization, I need you guys to follow them. They are doing great things to rescue children and women who have been sex trafficked and I’ll be posting a lot more about this.”

Fans were livid when they saw that she’d go through such attention-grabbing lengths for the sake of awareness, and so was the founder of the nonprofit, Toni D. Rivera. Rivera responded to the videos saying that she never asked Masika to post the disturbing clips and that she does not represent the foundation.

“I nor my team DID NOT ASK NOR Approve of this representation!,” Rivera wrote. “We would never accept money raised from a porn site called Fans Only nor any mockery of this traumatic experience that may have triggered some of my follower who have been victims… I’m sure she meant well, but she is NOT a spokeman for my organization.”

Masika, never being one to back down from a little social media mess, responded with receipts in the form of a letter from the organization welcoming her to the board, and a caption announcing that she’s stepping down from the position.

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“Your exuberant enthusiasm, your life story and an established trajectory of committing to serve others is most honorable. You are the kind of person we need on our platform. More important, you are who the world needs to see to heal broken hearts and restore the lives of women, children and men to wholeness.“ These were the beautiful words that welcomed me to to the board of advisors at @r.o.s.e._organization hmm. My platform is what you wanted until you got it & saw how difficult it is to stand firm and maintain your purpose while others try to tear you down. This is my daily life. I take the bricks thrown at me and build mansions. Toni you allowed the negative comments to supersede the end goal: saving lives and rescuing women and children. @tonidrivera I understand how difficult it is to stand firm under pressure, especially when you’re not used to the type of social media bullying that I receive on a daily basis, so I’m not upset at the fear you’re displaying. It’s hot. Yes. But the same hot water that hardens an egg softens a potato. I thank God that I harden in the fire while others that walk beside me soften. That does not make them weak, it simply means that we shouldn’t be in the same pot. Even though you took your very 1st moment of press to turn on me, instead of using it to bring awareness, I’m very happy that you have the spot light because the heart of your organization is beautiful, and I still stand firm in my support with @r.o.s.e._organization and its efforts to save victims of human trafficking. It is with great sadness that I am choosing to step down from the advisory board, but this will NOT slow down my efforts in this battle. Respectfully -MK

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Masika responds to the founder of the R.O.S.E Organization’s claims that she’s never been affiliated with the foundation. @masikakalysha/Instagram

The back and forth continued with Rivera posting more videos going off on Masika and calling her proof photoshopped, and Masika poking fun by screen-capturing herself opening the letter from her email.

Rivera shared a final message, calling it her “last statement” about the ordeal, in which she had plenty of choice words for Masika and threatened legal action. “Going back-and-forth with you is something I will not do because you don’t know me like that but I suggest you get to know some of my followers who are my friends and family and I will tell you you don’t wanna know me like that.”

Masika appears to have moved on from the drama in her more recent posts, but the comments from fans about the stunt are still going strong in her comments.

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