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‘It Was Done In Poor Taste’: Jennifer Williams Fires Off on Tami Roman After She Pokes Fun About Tim Norman’s Arrest

Jennifer Williams clapped back at her former “Basketball Wives” co-star Tami Roman for joking about Tim Normans legal charges.

Norman, known for being a reality star on “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” as well as Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend, was arrested last week on charges relating to the 2016 murder-for-hire plot of his nephew Andre Montgomery. Norman has been accused of having Andre killed to collect a $450,000 life insurance policy he’d taken out on him. According to WAPT, he was charged with conspiracy to use interstate commerce facilities, in this case, a cell phone in the commission of a murder-for-hire, resulting in death.

(From left to right): Tami Roman, Tim Norman, and Jennifer Williams (Photos: @tamiroman/Instagram, @the_timnorman/Instagram, @jenniferwilliams/Instagram)

Tami spoke on the incident on the Tuesday, Aug. 20 episode of her podcast “Bonnet Chronicles,” where she poked fun at Jennifer for dating Tim. The 50-year-old reality star explained that she was “disgusted” at Tim for allegedly trying to kill his family member to cash in on a life insurance policy. She then went on to reveal that she would have never rode “shot gun” in Jennifer’s Ferrari and now believes the car was “blood bought.” Tami then expressed the idea that Tim would have killed Jennifer if she hadn’t left the relationship.

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“Jennifer, you escaped it. You escaped it girl. ‘Cause I know I was championing for him with his thick thighs. I said, ‘well girl you know. He got thick thighs, and a thick waist, and he ain’t all that in the face, but you like him, so gone head on girl. And now I feel so ridiculous. Because this fool was on some next level stuff. You know, and if he would do that to his nephew, b-tch you didn’t have a chance, you know. You didn’t have a chance. And he probably wouldn’t have got caught because no one would’ve gave a f–k,” she said at the 1:32 mark.

Jennifer responded to Tami’s clip in a statement with Page Six. “I don’t talk to Tami and I don’t know why she is making fun of a horrific situation where a life was lost,” she said. “Tami is classless, and it was done in poor taste while a family is trying to come to terms with the ultimate betrayal from one of their own. That’s all I have to say about Tami’s tacky a-s… With everything going on in the world and the climate within the Black community, I’m saddened a Black woman is tearing another one down.”

Jennifer and Norman dated for a little over a year until 2017 when she accused him of stalking and harassment. She went to court in 2018, where she requested a temporary restraining order against him be made permanent. A judge denied her application at the time. The two continued to go to court throughout the years, with Norman also claiming that Jennifer slashed his tires. Norman is currently being held without bail at the Madison County Detention Center in Jackson, Mississippi for the murder-for-hire charges he faces.

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3 thoughts on “‘It Was Done In Poor Taste’: Jennifer Williams Fires Off on Tami Roman After She Pokes Fun About Tim Norman’s Arrest

  1. JennaG says:

    Yeah I saw that comment some days ago and it was foul. She don’t want folks talking about her in the blogs but she stay handing out something, she don’t want to receive back. I like Tami, my opinion is she can be a bully and tries to bully others all the time.

  2. Observer says:

    I don’t think Tami did anything more than you Jennifer!
    You stated karma came for him so really you shaded him also. He gave her sincere condolences to Sweetie Pie
    and family. The two of you are not friends and probably will never be, #get over it! You spoke badly on Evelyn’s daughter don’t forget!

  3. LQL says:

    Tammi needs to watch more Fatal Attraction on TV One.
    Girl…. Yes Black people do put hits on family members for life insurance money.
    There was a case from an Unsolved Mystery type show about Black people, on some years ago, that ran a story on Lorenzen Wright (NBA player). D*mn if his wife didn’t turn out to be the mastermind behind his death.

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