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‘Just Stop Having Sex’: Tiffany Haddish Offers a Hilarious Way to End Systemic Racism

Tiffany Haddish used some bawdiness while giving a solution to how to fix the racial problem in the United States at the same time that people have been fighting to end systemic racism.

Haddish talked about her hilarious game plan during an interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” on Monday, Aug. 17, around the interview’s 3:22 mark.

Tiffany Haddish joked that women withholding sex will fix the race problem in the United States. (Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“People are always asking me, ‘Tiffany, what can we do? What can we do to make [changes]?'” she began. “What I’ve incorporated in my comedy is something that I think that would work, that would change the systemic racism, and the injustices that we all suffer and I think the key to it is: All women, just stop having sex. Everyone just close their legs. Just shut it down. … I know this has happened in history before. Wars have stopped because of this.”

“If every woman just said, ‘That’s it. I’m closing my legs until justice is served, until there is change,’ then things will be great,” Haddish added.

She then spoke about “Karens,” a term used to describe a white woman becoming enraged because whatever she feels is entitled to her has been threatened in some way. The term has become popular this year after there have been numerous incidents of white women getting angry or phoning the police on Black people when no wrongdoing was committed.

Haddish said that Karens will be the only ones who won’t participate in her no-sex idea, which will force them to help create change.

“Now the Karens will be overwhelmed because they don’t want change, right?” said the actress and comedian. “The Karens want things to stay the same. … Karens are going to be out there getting people registered to vote. They’re going to be talking to Black people, Spanish people. Karen’s gonna be like, ‘Look, I know I was talking crazy a few months ago, but I can not handle all this sex that I gotta do because everybody shut their legs closed.'”

It was clear that many got a kick out of the California native’s words, since many left comments under the video.

“I love Tiffany because she’s so wacky yet so real,” someone wrote.

“Close their legs, just shut it down. Priceless!!!!” another person commented.

If Haddish’s words sound familiar, it’s because she said something similar in June during a roundtable discussion for The Hollywood Reporter. But during that conversation, she was more specific about the role of Black and white women in her plan.

“When I have problems and I want them solved, I just stop having sex and everything’s solved,” explained the “Like a Boss” star. “So if everybody just stopped having sex, especially if you are in an interracial relationship and your man is white, stop having sex with your white man. Things will change. … If you are a white woman and you’ve got a white man, stop having sex with that white man. When a white man ain’t getting no sex, things change, that I know.”

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