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Masika Kalysha Sparks Online Debate After Saying She’s Not Willing to Split Bills with Any Life Partner: ‘My Man Needs to Provide for Me’

It seems Masika Kalysha is embroiled in a controversial debate about whether or not a man should be responsible for paying all of the bills while living with his significant other.

The former “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” star recently appeared on “This Is 50,” an Instagram television show, where she explained why she wouldn’t be willing to split home costs with her mate.

“I don’t split s–t with a n–ga,” Kalysha said on the Aug. 17 show. “That’s called being the head of the household. That’s your job.”

Masika Kalysha
Masika Kalysha. (Photo: @masikakalysha/Instagram)

When show host Randall “E.S.S.O.” Parker said there was “a lot of hypocrisy going on,” Kalysha responded, “It is not whatsoever. Absolutely not. Here’s the thing. When you come up this hill. You see this fortress? Over there that’s Hollywood, up there that’s Calabasas, there’s some mountains this way, you see this estate that I live in, OK? When you come down here you see this gate, OK?”

“You can’t get past this gate, it’s another half mile to the motherf—-n’ street,” she continued. “This is my motherf—-n’ house. This is my multi-million dollar house that I pay for. I do not need a man to provide for me, but my man needs to provide for me. Everything I require, I also provide and have, so what the f— do I need you for if we splitting some s- t? I would rather pay it by my motherf—-n’ self.”

Kalysha’s remarks triggered a mass of reactions from social media users.

One fan who agreed with the reality star wrote, “Yup….. I ain’t splitting s–t either. We can build an empire and I can give you all the support you need. But I’m not enabling you take advantage of me and assume you can be a lazy leach. I know what I bring to the table. What you got baby?”


A second person added, “I will definitely agree with the sister, that’s facts 💯👏. Talk yo s–t!”

Someone who disagreed said, “I don’t think she ever has to worry about splitting the bills with a man because men don’t stay with her. Real relationships build, grow & flourish…I hope it works out for her with that mentality”

Another commented, “Fk all that we splitting and of not I got all the major bills and you got the minor ones. Aint s–t free in life. Truth be told a woman that dont want to pay is not a bread winner anyways because a Boss chick a be damn if you pay all the s–t.”

Kalysha has yet to address the criticism she received on her interview, but fans are pretty sure she will.

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