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‘I Meant It with Love’: Toni Braxton Responds to Backlash After Telling a Fan to ‘Start Saving’ If She Wants Her to Perform at Her Wedding

Toni Braxton is responding to criticism over two words she tweeted to a fan that some found to be “rude.” On Monday, Aug. 17, the “Living Legend” responded to a fan who pointed to the idea of having the seven-time Grammy Award-winning artist sing at her wedding. Toni insinuated in her response that she has a hefty appearance fee, which brought on the “rude” reaction from others. The reality star from “Braxton Family Valuesaddressed the backlash after the incident and insinuated that her comment was misconstrued.

It all started when a fan wrote in a now-deleted tweet: If I ever get married I want @tonibraxton to sing as I’m walking down the aisle😭😭😭.” Toni responded: “Start Saving.” Almost instantly, people gravitated toward the message and wrote comments like “What a rude response from my favorite singer wow. At least you could’ve just smile and say one day is one day” and “Yes. I’m really disappointed in this response. How can u even think the person can’t afford you?”

Toni Braxton encourages a fan to “start saving” if she wants the “Living Legend” to sing at her wedding. (Photo: @tonibraxton/Instagram, @MamiSweets_/Instagram)

The “Un-Break My Heart” artist addressed the criticism hours later and wrote on Twitter: This blew up. Eek. I meant it with love. 😬 I don’t have a soundcloud so stream Dance.❤️.” Toni dropped her hit single “Dance” on July 31 as a way to promote her upcoming album “Spell My Name.”

Toni Braxton responds to backlash from fans after seemingly dismissing a fan’s wedding dream. (Photo: @tonibraxton/Twitter)

While Toni may not be present at someone else’s wedding, she reportedly still has plans to walk down the aisle with her fiancé, rapper Birdman, by the end of the year. Rumors swirled last year that the two called off their engagement after the two were no longer sharing photos of their relationship on social media or attending awards shows together. Toni addressed the rumors in a 2019 interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” explaining that she and Birdman just wanted their relationship to be more private.

She shared in an April interview on the syndicated “Rick and Sasha” radio show that she and Birdman plan to get married during the pandemic. “You know … we have gone back and forth on wedding dates,” she said.

Toni Braxton (Photo: @tonibraxton/Instagram)

“We had a great day, but then it was getting too big and we didn’t want a big wedding. Then we said, ‘OK, we don’t want it too small,” she said. “But then, [Birdman] said, ‘OK, let’s do a drive-thru.’ I’m like, ‘We are not doing a drive-thru. I’m not ordering fries after we get married, babe. We’re not doing it.’ So, we’ve been trying to figure it out.”

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3 thoughts on “‘I Meant It with Love’: Toni Braxton Responds to Backlash After Telling a Fan to ‘Start Saving’ If She Wants Her to Perform at Her Wedding

  1. Butterfly says:

    I love all of you!!! I only wish me and my sisters could have a relationship. Keep loving and supporting each other, GOD BLESS…

  2. Jody says:

    Why is it a problem when an artist/ himanbeing/celebrity speaks on anything that you people don’t like. Their human… If yall are truly fns of them. You’ll understand that everyday ain’t a great day for them & the have the right to say whatever it is they feel. Its called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I definitely couldn’t be a celebrity. They’d hate me because I’ve always been Brutally Honest

  3. Anonymous says:

    Never just for a ring !
    eh ?

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