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Erica Dixon’s Twins Rock Their ‘Big Girl’ Hairstyle and Leave Fans Gushing

Erica Dixon continues to gift the internet with more and more adorable snaps of her twin daughters Embrii and Eryss.

The 35-year-old “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star hopped over to Instagram on Sunday, Aug. 17, and posted a sweet photo of her baby girls lying down together on their favorite purple-and-pink, flower-shaped pillow.

Baby Eryss, who was wearing a bright pink onesie, appeared to be watching television, while her sister, who donned a camouflage print one-piece, was camera-ready. Dixon shared the post with a cute caption.

Erica Dixon
Eryss and Embrii @twinzonli/Instagram

“Our favorite pillows. 💜💕,” the mother of three wrote. She also showed off the twins’ new braided hairstyle.

IG users swooned over the children’s darling photo and their adorableness.

“My favorite twins …..I love them !!!!!” a fan exlaimed. “They are too cute ❤️ precious little angels”

“Big girl hairstyle ready ❤️,” said another.

One person wrote, “Tewww precious. I feel like they are my family. Every time I see a new picture posted I always say ‘look at my girls ❤️'”

“Hi Sweeties!!!💕💞” someone else commented. “My babies so cute an getting so big♥️♥️♥️ hey twins”

Dixon welcomed baby Embrii and Eryss in May 2019.

She wrote about her twins and oldest daughter Emani Richardson, 15, whom she shares with rapper and ex-boyfriend Lil Scrappy, in a Mother’s Day post she uploaded a few months ago. Dixon spoke about the joys of parenthood and wrote via Instagram, “They don’t just call me mommy, I’m their mother.”

Erica Dixon melted hearts with her Mother’s Day family photo featuring her daughters Emani Richardson, and twins Embrii and Eryss. (Photo: @msericadixon/Instagram)

“They are the reason I’m constantly self reflecting to not only do better but be better in all aspects of life,” the celebrity mom continued. “Sending each and every one of my mom followers a happy Mothers Day,” Erica wrote to her fans. “You’re the real MVP.”

In addition to Dixon’s heartwarming post to her three children, she also said her daughters were the reason she’s able to overcome obstacles.

“I deal with so much behind closed doors. I’m normally quiet and try to let things past,” Dixon wrote on March 13. “I get tired, frustrated and want someone I can lean on too. I don’t have that person yet but God saw fit to give me 3 beautiful children who take it all away. My kids are truly my happy place.”

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