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British Man Receives One-Hitter Quitter from Black Youth After Rant on London Underground

A London man took an impromptu nap on a subway when he was knocked out after he verbally harassed a group of young Black men.  

The unidentified man caused trouble for several minutes before he was silenced with one punch, shown in a video filmed by a bystander. The man’s rant didn’t appear to have a coherent point. Instead, it consisted of several erratic outbursts. The incident occurred on Aug. 15, according to The Independent.

An unidentified British man (above) was knocked out after he went on a racist rant while riding the London Underground. (Photo: Unknown photographer screenshot)

“This is my home and you’re all going back. You know it as well,” he said in the footage. When onlookers asked where they were going, the man played coy.

“You know where you’re going back,” he answered. At one point, he sang “lesser than us” repeatedly and called a group of Black passengers his “pets.”

When one rider asked for the man’s name, he refused to give it.

“No, you’re Black,” he responded.

While the man was disturbing the peace, other passengers expressed their disapproval of his behavior.   

“Look, you’ve had your five minutes of fame, now f–k off and get out of the train,” one woman told him.

“I think he has a death wish. I think he wants someone to jump in and kick his head in,” noted another.

The rant continued until the trained pulled into Bank Station in Central London. As passengers were walking off the train, the man walked over to a group of young Black men, assumed a threatening stance and yelled “come on!”

One of the young men paused before he hit the white man with a right hook. The blow rendered the man unconscious and drew cheers from some passengers. A few tried to administer aid as others made comments including “don’t help a racist” and “you deserved that.”

Numerous social media users were also delighted by the punch.

“Violence isn’t the answer to anything. But I wasn’t mad about this,” tweeted one viewer.

“I hope that kid hand sanitized after that, I don’t want him getting sick from taking out the trash,” stated another.

“Looks likes his brain is restarting. Let’s hope the anti-racist software is installed properly this time,” joked a YouTube commenter.

“Waste of skin! He got a proper comeuppance he did,” wrote one more.

The man’s condition after the hit is unknown. The British Transport Police are investigating the incident.

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