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‘See This Kinda Accurate’: Riley Burruss Puts Mom Kandi’s ‘TV Voice’ on Blast

It be your own kids! Riley Burruss held nothing back when she called out her superstar mom Kandi Burruss for using a different voice when she thinks cameras are around.

Candid moments between celebs and their kids are always hilarious, because no matter how cool or successful the world thinks the parents are, the kids will always find a way to bring them right back down to earth. Such is the case with Riley and Kandi Burruss, with an adorable assist from the little man of the house Ace.

Kandi Burruss and daughter Riley have a strong bond. (Photo: @rileyburruss/Instagram)

In the video, Riley demonstrates the difference between the heavy Southern drawl she and her family are used to hearing versus the “more animated” voice she says her mom puts on for cameras.

“Why is @rileyburruss making fun of me?! She says I have a ‘tv voice’ & a regular voice… 🤔 Do I? Getting ready to drop her off at college!” wrote the singer and entrepreneur jokingly in her caption.

Kandi offers an explanation for her TV-versus-real-life code-switching, saying that the change came after an eye-opening realization while watching herself during her first season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” “My first year on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ I noticed that I talked through my teeth. I did not know that I talked through my teeth before then,” she explained before demonstrating what she meant.

“So after that I was like ‘Oh! No! If I have to be back on this show again, I have to pronounce … my … words,” she enunciated.

Fans got a good laugh out of Riley putting her mom on blast, and some even agreed that they have their own “TV voices” in the comments.

“you do have a tv voice lmaooo 😩,” one agreed.

“She should have did your mad voice it’s about 5 octaves higher and that southern drawl really comes out!🤣🤣🤣,” a second joked.

“I talk thru my teeth too Kandi,” a third commiserated. “I didn’t know it either until someone pointed it out I’ve done that same thing annunciating my words much clearer HA!🤣”

“She clocked you 😂😂😂,” clowned a fourth fan.

“see this kinda accurate 😂,” a fifth agreed.

Riley Burruss is moving on from Woodward Academy in the Atlanta suburb of College Park, Georgia, and headed to New York University. (Photo: @rileyburruss/Instagram)

Riley Burruss celebrated a unique graduation experience and will more than likely have a unique freshman year at NYU as well, thanks to the coronavirus changing the world.

The 17-year-old has been a trouper throughout COVID’s impact on her milestone years, however, she is continuing to celebrate and look forward to her future in creative ways with her family.

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