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‘I Thought This Was You’: Fans Do a Double Take When Porsha Williams Shares Lookalike Image of Sister Lauren Williams

In the words of Lauren Williams herself, “sisters who shade together stay together.” Lauren and her big sister Porsha Williams are as thick as thieves. Aside from looking alike, the reality stars from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” also share similar personalities. On Wednesday, Aug. 12, Porsha posted a photo of her baby sister on Instagram, and a slew of people expressed the idea that they believed Lauren was Porsha.

Captured from the front, the photo shows Lauren rocking a full face of makeup. Her glam choice for this particular day was a nude smoky eye with fake eyelashes and a red pout. Styled by beautician Dominic Rahjee, Lauren’s hair was curled to perfection and extended past her shoulders. She tied her outfit together by wearing black jeans as well as Porsha’s charcoal jacket over her floral shirt.

Lauren Williams.@porsha4real/Instagram

Porsha’s photo of her younger sibling racked up over 33,000 likes and some 600 remarks from fans gushing over their resemblance. One fan asked, “👀Why I thought you was your sister💜🔥?” Another person said, “I thought this was you,” followed by somebody else who mentioned, “You two look so much alike😍.”

This isn’t the first time fans have claimed that Lauren and Porsha look like twins. Toward the end of February, Porsha honored her sister on her birthday by sharing a series of photos of the two of them together.

Lauren Williams (left) with her sister Porsha Williams (right). (Photo: @lodwill/Instagram)

When describing their relationship, Lauren explained in a 2014 interview with Baroness Countess that Porsha is her best friend despite their age gap. “We are six years apart, so when I was 15, there was no way anyone could get my 21-year-old sister to hang out with me,” she said. “We are now best friends and pretty much inseparable. When Porsha leaves Georgia for bookings and press runs, I go with her, so a lot of our bonding time is spent traveling. We also started a hair company together! Working together so closely has been a challenge, but we get better at it every day and fighting is minimal.”

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