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‘He Looks Just Like His Momma’: Princess Love Fans Claim 7-Month-Old Son Is Her Twin, While Others Say He Looks Like Ray J

It seems people are having a hard time deciding who Princess Love and Ray J Norwood‘s son resembles most.

Some fans believe the infant favors his mother more than his father, especially in Love’s recent Instagram snap. The mother of two uploaded the cutest picture of baby Epik Ray Norwood to her page on Thursday, Aug. 6, and left fans gushing.

Princess Love
Epik Ray Norwood. @princesslove/Instagram

The image showed the 7-month-old lying in what appeared to be his crib and looking directly into the camera. Clad in only a diaper, he placed a hand on one bent leg while striking a relaxed pose.

“Big boyyyyyy 💚 My favorite guy,” Love wrote in her caption.

More than 89,000 IG users fawned over the sweet pic of baby Epik.

“Omg!!! He’s so cute. I wanna squeeze him 😘,” a fan wrote. A second said, “Omggggg you make the cutest babies❤️ look at them chunky legs.”

Others folks were having a hard time deciding who baby Epik looked more like between Love and Norwood.


“Ray J did not work. You did all the work. They both look just like beautiful mommie. You Gus have beautiful kids 😊,” one person wrote. Someone else disagreed and commented, “whatttt! U think so? 🤣🤣 I think he has her lips but the rest of his face is just like his daddy.”

Another wrote, “He’s so precious! He looks just like his momma.”

Baby Epik is Love and Norwood’s second child. The couple also share 2-year-old daughter Melody Love.

Princess Love
Ray J Norwood, Princess Love and their daughter Melody Love. @princesslove/Instagram

Love described motherhood as one of “the best feelings ever” that “nobody can prepare you for.”

The “One Wish” singer told Rollingout magazine in 2018 that fatherhood gave him a new perspective on life.

“I’m excited to be a part of the club, it’s made my respect level for life go up. It changes how you think and move. I want to be with her as much as possible. I don’t want to miss anything,” Ray J said. “I’m glad I had a daughter first because with a boy you have to teach him stuff and it’s just a little different. Having Melody has changed the way I see things. It’s just a heavenly blessing.”

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