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‘It be Yo Own Daughter’: Erica Dixon’s 15-Year-Old Daughter Roasts Her Mom In ‘Banyanggg’ Video and Fans Are In Stitches

Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy‘s daughter Emani Richardson apparently takes after their comedic side.

Like many other teens, the pair’s child participated in the new TikTok “Banyanggg” challenge, where a person dances to the “Banyanggg” song and posts photos of someone else wearing their hair in bangs.

Richardson, 15, took to Instagram this week and decided to upload a video of herself roasting her mother, who’s known for wearing bangs. She posted throwback and current photos of Dixon sporting several hairstyles with bangs. As the video played, Richardson danced and lip-synched the “Bayanggg” lyrics.

Erica Dixon
Emani Richardson roasts her mother Erica Dixon in IG video. @official_emanii/Instagram

“Ouu yeah ouu yeah. Ma hold up, not the banyangg banyanggg uh-ooohhhh,” the teenager mouthed. She added in her caption, “She thought she wassss safe😂 not the #bayang @msericadixon Hopefully I don’t get my phone took😂.”

One snapshot showed Dixon wearing a platinum blond bob with a bang and another showed the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star donning her signature bone- straight tresses.

Richardson’s hilarious video received over 120,000 views and a slew of comments from fans who were left in stitches.

“Bf don’t do my sis like dat 😭,” a fan joked. Someone else quipped, “You carry a child 9 months just for them to drag you on TikTok.”

“It be yo own daughter 😩😂,” another person commented. One IG user joked, “Erica stayed with a bang man😭 Girl I’m over here on the floorrr!”

Dixon took the video with good humor and replied to her daughter, “Oh it’s on!!!”


Dixon and her daughter share a tight relationship with each other.

The mother of three posted a sweet photo of herself and her eldest daughter on June 21 and wrote, “My life treasures will always be my girls.”

Erica Dixon
Erica Dixon (L) and her daughter Emani Richardson (R) @msericadixon/Instagram

Dixon is also the mother of two 1-year-old twin girls, Embrii and Eryss. She cherishes all three of her children and said they’ve helped her become a better version of herself.

“They don’t just call me mommy, I’m their mother,” Dixon penned on Mother’s Day. “They are the reason I’m constantly self reflecting to not only do better but be better in all aspects of life.”

She currently co-parents Richardson with her ex-fiancé and rapper Lil Scrappy.

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