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‘I’m Classy’: Yandy Smith Issues Epic Clapback at a Fan Who Accuses Her of Wearing ‘Church’ Clothes

Yandy Smith-Harris is clearly not in the mood for trolls this week.

The “Love and Hip Hop: New York” star fired off on a naysayer who had an issue with her clothing selection. She uploaded two beauty pics of herself sporting all-white attire, including a cut-out jumpsuit with long sleeves and slit pants. She rounded out the ensemble with a fedora hat, platform pumps and gold accessories.

Yandy Smith
Yandy Smith-Harris @yandysmith/Instagram

Smith-Harris’ long tendrils slightly covered up her exposed stomach and chest area. She captioned the post, “I dont want to live life just because…I want to live life for a cause 🙏🏾.”

An IG user apparently had an issue with the way Smith-Harris was dressed in her photos and suggested the reality star was overdressed.

Yandy Smith
Yandy Smith-Harris poses in all-white attire. @yandysmith/Instagram

“Why U got on church clothes boo today not Sunday 😩,” the person commented.

Yandy Smith
Yandy Smith-Harris claps back at fan. @yandysmith/Instagram

Smith-Harris assured she had class and shot back, “I’m a classy lady hunty. I dress like this on any day 😊.”

Fans of the “LHHNY” star also jumped to her defense and commented, “Apparently you don’t know what class is my dear…yandy looks lovely!”

A second person added, “Wtf dress like that for church come on now Yandy is very classy… beautiful mami🔥.”

Smith-Harris’ “classy” snap comes a few weeks after she spoke up about the anxiety attacks and nightmares she was suffering from due to police violence and racism.

In a four-minute IG video on July 29, the mother of two said, “Black Mothers. Fear to create the gift of our womb, fear to let them play in city parks, fear to see them sleep peaceful knowing there will be many rude awakenings. BREONNA TAYLOR’S MURDER, is an epic fail of our AMERICAN JUSTICE SYSTEM that has cause PTSD in so many BLACK WOMEN. The no ACCOUNTABILITY has enraged so many, but particularly it has aided in the diminishment on the value of a BLACK WOMEN’S Life.”

Smith-Harris was arrested July 14 alongside Porsha Williams of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” for protesting outside of the Kentucky Attorney General’s home as a way to demand justice for Taylor. She was released the following morning.

What people are saying

13 thoughts on “‘I’m Classy’: Yandy Smith Issues Epic Clapback at a Fan Who Accuses Her of Wearing ‘Church’ Clothes

  1. Gloria says:

    There is nothing wrong with this outfit. I like it. You can wear it any day of the week if you want to. The person that said it looks like a church outfit don’t have no class.

  2. 1BLESSEDGIRL girl says:

    Sometimes I think ppl post comments just to get 👏 back at to be relevant. This is is unisex for another WOMAN to complain about her fellow SISTA being APPROPRIATELY DRESSED. Normally it’s “PUT SOME CLOSE ON, EVERYONE DON’T WANNA SEE YO A🤬”

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love Yandy Smith. She’s a true and beautiful classy women. I guess showing your half naked ass is what y’all call classy in today’s age. Women today don’t know what it means to leave something for the man’s imagination. Keep doing you Yandy stay classy not rachet. Love this classy look on you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What’s Wrong With Church Clothes In Times Like These ❗

  5. Dot little says:

    I agree whole heartedly !!!!!
    I think some women in general just can’t be happy for anyone’s
    Soooo… they choose to say something that has nothing to do with anything!!!!
    That’s so unfortunate for them. We need to
    Not be so critical and Learn straighten our own crown and then you can help to
    Straighten your sisters….

  6. Vanessa says:

    Yandy they are HATERS your BEAUTIFUL everyday no matter what you’re wearing it could be sweats who cares continue on being a BOSS your Fan

  7. What this young lady is wearing shows also she has respect for herself as well as her body. My applause to her parents who obviously taught her morales, values and self respect. Continue to dress “classy.”

  8. Tasha cooley says:

    This is nice. Yandi’s style is superb. Everybody don’t have to be naked with booty shorts, checks and breast hanging out to be sexy. Class is STILL attractive and in style.

  9. Rhonda says:

    She looks beautiful. That’s what’s wrong with some people, they believe less is classy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Less is whack!

  10. Patricia Taylor says:

    Yandy Smith. I love all of the clothes you wear. So that person just jealous, because they can,t look as good as you do. Love that outfit you are wearing.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what church YOU go to but I would NEVER wear that outfit to church. Not with my stomach showing and the slits up the legs. JMO! By the way Yandy looks and is gorgeous! That outfit is FIYA!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    She Must Of Been Around A Bunch Of Hoes Growing Up!! Look BABYGUH, YANDY is TOP of Top DOLLAR, YOU COULD NEVERR ,WATCH WHAT YOU SAY about A BLACK QUEEN , Look In Those Comments Y’all ! Her Nigga Prolly Was All Heart Eyes 😍 For Yans 🤪🤪🤷🏽‍♀️💯

  13. LaTanya says:


    I want to see what you consider church outfits and not the one you wearing straight from the club.

    That outfit is fire but not for church. Ijs..

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